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I am NOT having a good time

“Okay, new version, let’s see what new bugs there are… Hmm… so far, nothing unusual…”

Then I read the announcement about the changes, and my mind is reeling at the nearly insane level of complication.Creatures nerfed. Creatures buffed. Multiple new defenses, a plethora of very specific immunities, multiple new attacks, all adding orders of magnitude of complexity. New creatures. Old creatures “rethought” into new categories instead of creating Gen2 versions.

Then I go back to the map. I’ve always had a limited map from my house because there’s a golf course that covers about 30% of the territory (nothing allowed there)… and all of a sudden, for the first time since I installed the game well over a year back, I have only 2 relatively distant supply drops available without walking a relatively significant distance from my house. Did I mention that for a long time the only creatures ever showing up in range were almost always associated with one of the now-vanished supply drops?

I take a deep breath and decide to see what happened in PvP battles. My first oppenent is a level 26 beast with over 5000 hit points, over 2000 damage points, a speed of 146, and of course the damn thing is immune to anything any of my team (a level 21 Suchotator, level 20 Maiasaur, and a couple of level 19s) can throw at it. Three up, three down, I’m down 30+ trophies.

If this is the way the game is going to be from now on, I’m going to have to find some other way to divert myself. I used to be a fan, Ludia, despite the bugs and utterly crap “matchmaking” algorithms… you may have finally pushed me out the door. I’ll give it a few more days to see, but even if I stay the game is far too complicated and has far too many fake creatures that are far too strong. (Unless, of course, one throws lots of real-life cash at the game, which is likely the reason for all this crap.)


Go do campaign mode, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.