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I am returning to the game

I had just quit the game about a week back,so it would not make much sense . But i think that the game is not as obsessive, i only have to focus my thing better, it has previously happened where i was obsessed with a game and quit several times,but i think i can handle it better. I will not really set any goals in the game like i used to,neither will i focus on grinding really hard or coin production or filling the gaps in the line-up, I can still progress fairly well without grinding hard, Brainy>Brawny,however in case i do get into my previous shoes,i have set a time limit on my phone to limit the usage time of the app.

Also a thanks to Jurassic Fury for helping me out on remembering the reason i installed the game.


Good to know, and feeling happy that I somehow got you back to play :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: but be careful not to get addicted again.

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Yes, looks like you already know how you got me back in.

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I have set a 1 and a half hour time limit on the game,but i will also set Restrictions on my web browser to not get on the forums too much,never know when you might see something exciting. XD


Welcome back!

Slowing down your pace a little sounds like a good plan.


That’s originally the purpose i installed JWTG, in order to fill my time, i have no idea how i got obsessed.

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@anon43877113 good notion.

If you can neglect coin production for 6+ hours and also be okay with taking a few hours gap between tournament runs, then it will be really benificial for you.

On your journey back to JWTG, try to take it as fun and timepass instead of like a profession.

Follow the rule that if you got something, well and good. If you didn’t, next time for sure. Have fun with the game and enjoy it with a relaxing mind, and you’ll be okay.

As i have already mentioned,that is how i originally planned it to be,for otherwise i would never have installed a game on my phone after my experience with my previous one.

Just opened the game,the game welcomed me with a Titanoboa Pack and Mystery Pack.


Welcome back, bud! I’m still taking a little break from JWTG like you and would be officially returning tomorrow.


@anon43877113 hey congratulations on the Titanoboa! :tada: I was wondering what happened to it, since you had created the tournament thread and before it got over you announced your resignation from the game. Good to know you got that pack!


The Mystery Pack gave me bucks,the titanoboa pack did not. Mystery Pack has proven its loyalty.


Enjoy the break bud.

Titanoboa pack : Here u go… No bucks but 1.3K loyalty points!
Mystery pack : Here u go… Some bucks and 15 loyalty points!

(I also got no bucks in Titanoboa pack :sweat_smile:)

Loyalty is something superior to Loyalty Points,but i take that apology.


@anon43877113 I feel bucks in Tournament packs need to be buffed a bit, if not the amount then at least the odds.


In CoT and Archelon, I got all 3 DB. So, I’m ridding 3,000DB richer.

I kind of wish I was ridding 15,000 DNA richer though.

DB in the stash for later.

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I get DNA in a good flow. I just threw 4 Segnosaurus in my Hatchery. Would hope for bucks to speed them up.

So has the CoT now changed to 15 Events only?

Yes, since they messed it up again.

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