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I am searching for one specific alliance


I can’t seem to get connected to one particular alliance I want to join. How do I do this? I saw them mentioned and I and my husband wish to join them, but they don’t come up on my list of alliances on the social. Help! They’re not full yet! Thanks!


On the social tab, hit the magnifying glass icon in the top right, and then the ‘search for an alliance’ blue bar at the top


Hello. If you have battled any of their members or are friends with them, you can also view their alliance through one of the members’ profiles. Make sure everything is spellled correctly when you do use the search feature.


Hey if you can’t find them you check mine TJC2019 :smiley:


I found them, I just can’t contact them to talk to them. There’s no way to send them a message.


If you say which alliance it is, someone from there will message you.


Jesusrulesall. I’ve been trying to contact them for weeks.


Maybe try starting a topic titled along the lines ‘anyone from Jesusrulesall on here?’ to see if any of the members are in the forum. Best of luck.