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I am seeking alliance

I need an alliance since I left one because it was lazy to hurt in the tournament. … I am very active, I have 4700 lvl 17 cups and in the tournament I have 1920 points my name is FenixT

AustCorpGen2 is looking for members to play in the championship, majority of the people in the alliance will play and help get the reward

You can join us as well (BloodyTerrors). we have two spots available.

if you also write the code after # we can look for you!

Hispanosaurus is recruiting but you MUST speak spanish. sorry for them limiting so much their possobilities

Dark Thunder squad is taking on.

my alliance and MyVeryWaitJurassic fes arme84 # 1337

SmellsLikeTeamSpirit is a 10/10 alliance that normally finishes in the Top 150 for the Alliance Tournaments. We’re a high-strategy team looking for 2 fun and strategic players who are (highly) active daily, communicate often and well, and can reliably get their tournament takedown bonuses. We also have access to level 20 sanctuaries, so you must also be willing to obey sanc rules. Discord is required. Let me know if you’re interested!

Hi here at LittleFoots We currently have spaces available in our fun active alliance.
When full we hit at least 9/8 on weekly missions
We are looking for active daily players to help us reach 10/10
Must compete in tournaments and defeat 10 creatures for participation rewards And
Play PvP battles daily (No 0 trophies)
We are also proud to say we are part of ARK
And have 2-3 lvl 20 sanctuaries

Discord is essential

If interested please contact me on discord