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I am seriously considering to uninstall the game, sometimes enough is enough

Hey folks, what a pity I am saying these but the game recently has no fun for me at all. Why? 'Cause all I am seeing is CRASHES! I try to enter the game aprox. 10 times for a single log in. Abnormal right? Even if I manage to do that, game crashes instantly via editting lay out or matches through events. Dude I am paying for this, but not for THIS you know. So frustrating. Even did not want to share my tourney data for today just because of that. I have lost connection and had crashes 3 times which costed me 9 upclass creatures and aprox. 100 trophies. Even with this I can win dom reward but where is the point of doing that. I DON’T ENJOY IT! Feeling so sick and tired of this. Exhausted already. Tried to clear cache, unistall-reinstall, everything. Just getting worse and worse.

For the curious ones, here are my phone features:

Worldwide famous brand, 6 GB RAM, 128 GB internal memory with only 30 GB full of which generally consists of entrenched apps, Android 10 with the latest version. No phone card on it, just for playing purposes only. Using limitless, high speed wifi in a 1 meter diameter.


Unfortunately this game is growing way too large requirements…and it’s not that graphic intense so it’s bizzare…but it’s getting to the point where you practically need a laptop. I had to upgrade my son’s amazon fire so he could continue playing to the latest amazon fire…I have a google pixel 4xl…but I feel within the year I’ll have to upgrade it to continue playing…I have 8gb on ram. They’re going to begin leapfrogging the top phones if it keeps up and something needs to change or they’ll have no customers.


Maybe they’ll release it on PS5.

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So this happened a while back, saying somewhere in november or december. Remember the Segnosaurus tournament? you got your prize if you were in dominator. I got my sengosaurus, but only ONE. Is this a joke or a bug? because I have quite a lot of left over dna I would like to use for this creature and try to unlock Segnosuchus. Ludia, if you are reading this, I would like Segnosaurus to be available to me, because I spent the last year and a half on this game waiting for my oppertunity to finally unlock my first tournament creature, not to be screwed over.

Thank You :slight_smile:

So, what level were you during the Segnosaurus tournament? Assuming that you are talking about the tournament in July, that was a bracketed tournament. Only players level 60 and above received the unlock. Players level 59 and below that finished in Dominator League received a single copy.


the same happened to me and I just contacted ludia sent the a mail and my support code and it worked

I was in dominator, and I’m a level 54, I find if kind of balony that I have to be rank 60 and above to unlock a tournament creature, because I have Arcedust unlock and it is a tournament creature. (Arcedust was a creature I didn’t unlock in a tournament)

What rank we’re you when you contacted them?

Generally speaking there are only two ways to unlock a tournament creature: finish in Dominator League of a tournament or complete Clash of Titans. The third method is extremely rare and has only happened once in my 2.5+ years playing: when an unlocked creature gets reclassified as a Tournament Legendary Creature. You mention Arcedust, and I assume you mean Arctodus, as a Tournament Legendary Creature that you unlocked without a tournament. If you were playing prior to November 2019, you may have unlocked it through weekly events. As part of the Cenozoic Reshuffling with Update 38 in November 2019, Arctodus, Smilodon, Kelenken, Megatherium, Urtinotherium, and Eucladoceros were elevated to Tournament Legendary Creature. Those of us who had previously unlocked them got to keep them unlocked, and all of them except Eucladoceros had had unlock opportunities at that point, Arctodus as recently as the week of 6/24/2019. Unfortunately, when Panochthus was elevated to VIP Legendary, we were not able to keep that unlock.

As for the idea that a minimum level is needed to unlock creatures in a tournament, about once a quarter, Ludia has what they call a Bracketed Tournament. These tournaments are where only the higher level players are able to unlock tournament creatures. Depending on how the tournament is setup, lower level players can get a single copy of the tournament creature or unlock a lesser creature. The Segnosaurus Tournament was setup to give the single copy… Complain if you wish, but Ludia has had these since before I started playing. I doubt they’re going away any time soon. A more productive endeavor would be to get to level 60 so that you can qualify for the heavyweight bracket of any future bracketed tournaments as well as participate in Clash of Titans, especially if you can currently finish in Dominator League of a regular tournament. Then get to level 65 so that you can unlock Tyrannosaurus rex Gen 2 and Velociraptor Gen 2 when they roll around again a couple of weeks.


Oh, Ok. Thanks for the info.


I have read your comments with a bitter smile on my face, I have had the same fate as yours when I was lower than lvl 60 and won my first tourney which was a Segno. I was so near to that treshold and haven’t had a single clue about the way of the game offers. Forums is a great source of useful information and I have learnt a lot since then, I advice you the same way and wish you to dig deeper into the forums before getting frustrated next time. As an humble advice of course. :slight_smile: Good luck on your way up to the top. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: @Chaotic_Milotic

@Andy_wan_kenobi is helpful as always. :slight_smile:

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exchus mi?

I was asking about your park rank, but I don’t want to know anymore