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I am seriously sick of double-swap-in (attack) teams

It’s all I’ve had lately.

MRhino pops in, takes out my dino (usually Magna), manages to keep afloat thanks to insane resistances, swap in to Magnus, takes out my second dino, potentially swap back to MRhino unless I happen to have Morty on my team as well). And now we’ve got Phorurex in the mix, so great, 3x swap-in damage in ONE match. I’ve even had one team with a 2700 damage Woolly Rhino! Come on.

I can’t swap my team around without a boost reset, and I’m wondering if it’s time to quit arena for a while. Swap-in damage is still the worst aspect of this game imho.

For when I do switch, what would be a good team centered around stopping swappers dead in their tracks? I’m thinking Spinocon would be a good start.


What’s your team look like? If you anticipate a swap in, perhaps use shields.

Deer is actually a really good counter to all the swappers. Even with the change in stun resistance, you gain HP every time they leave. I actually like bringing it in against Cera after they’ve swapped in because if they try to leave, it’s usually on a turn I use Dig In so I’m back to full HP, sped up, and have Devastation ready.


I think between the swap in meta, nitro chimaera and the beasties with an instant mine after the ninja swap in the arenas are pretty poor just now! And yeah with no boost reset I’m stuck with my team as is.

Not a lot of fun to be had just now :frowning:

Hopefully hydraboa can put a stop to the swap. Oooo. That’s a good meme idea… you can’t stop the swap! Lol :joy:

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Grypolyth, Spinoconstrictor, Hydraboa, Testacornibus, Haast Maximus, and more or less anything with an On-Escape ability or No-Escape is going to be a necessity to have at this point.

Thanks for the ideas so far. Testa I think I can do, Hydraboa… I might. Gotta admit, I’ve grown bored of raids and I’ve missed a lot of them for that exact reason. I already have Grypo, though so many dinos have swap resistance that it doesn’t seem all that useful.

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Yeah this swap in meta is annoying :joy:
I really felt like Andrewtops would help but then ludia give it swap in lockdown which is like 0.01% useful.
Hopefully haast maximus helps with its on escape ability too.
But hydraboa is N.1 to settle the swappers.
Also indoT is decent for swappers if its a draco type.


They are prob going to nerf hydra tho

I see the SI-Lockdown is a sort of insurance - making sure that the enemy isn’t able to leave in the event of death. A creature with No Escape doesn’t have to worry about using lockdown moves for the moveset - but when they die, like, the moment they die, switching is capable.

But with this lockdown, the effect is secured after Andrewtops dies, which would give an opportunity to finish off the opponent. But a strat like this would require high amounts of speed and a good prediction.

The buff of Xerneas was the Best in game