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I am sick of RNG


I had been losing arena 7 times in a row, where I just want to get a incubator.

So many times I lose the battle because of the RNG issue, where I had tried missed 6 times in a row when I face either Indoraptor or Monomimus.

COME’ON?? MISS SIX TIMES IN A ROW!! The possibility of miss 6 times in a row is 1.5625%.

And finally I won once after about 40 minutes.

Btw, now there is mission request in game where asking to battle 11 times or open 15 times incubator which is too much if I am unlucky and took me 40 minutes just to get one incubator.

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My RNG record is 8 times in a row. Ornithomimus evaded EIGHT consecutively! What’s the % for that lol


Aren’t we all?:upside_down_face:


whats the issue, exactly? that sometimes it works in your favour and other times it does not?


Well, tbh, dodging 4+ times in a row have such low statistical chance it should happen once in a blue moon. But it happens way too often in this game to be considered random, if you ask me.


this is why we need to give monostegotops swap in nullify.


God no. It’s already a monster with the 75% stun, I’d rather not have a Monostegotops meta.


all right, dilophosaurus?


Btw, that was sarcasm :open_mouth:

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So basically; as long as it’s someone else losing because of rng, the issue with people losing constantly to rng is invalid? rng decides pretty much everything in this game, and it’s laughable that anyone would try and defend it.

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Not being funny but, it might be a good idea to work on specific counters to Indos and monos :wink:
Tanycolagrius counters Indoraptor, Tragodistis can pretty much wall monomimus, etc.

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Probability never changes. If it’s a 50% dodge it’s always 50%. Just like flipping a coin. The probability never changes no matter how many times you flip it


You know last patch they specifically buffed indoraptor’s health so it could beat tany, right?


How exactly does trag do anything to monominimus? Mono nullifies invuln, can’t be stunned or slowed. Trag can’t get through evasion… Only thing that really counters monominimus is a higher monominimus, or luck.


It’s clear you have no idea what you’re talking about. Trag used to whoop monomimus’s behind even before trag was buffed and mimus nerfed. It’s arguably the best counter there is.


Trag’s counter gives it a higher chance to do some damage even with the evasion… and then comes Rampage every two turns


Yes, now Tany just needs to be one level higher to win one on one against indoraptor. Which is why mine is L24.


I guess I’m just dumb noob who doesn’t know anything. I don’t use trag, I find it’s move set really boring. My monominimus never had trouble with any other other dino but another monominimus. I don’t remember specifically fighting a trag woth mono, so it most likely gave me little trouble. But what do I know, I just play the game.


What is really odd is that when you lose 4 or 6 or even 8 times in a row, your opponent is also losing 4 or 6 or even 8 times in a row in the same battle.

I haven’t figured out how that keeps happening.


I almost always swap to Trago when facing Monomimus. Good luck getting through all that armor and health before Trago slaps it down.