I am so (censored)

First fuse 20. Then all 10s

Ran out of dna

Yeah I don‘t think Ludia changed the fusion chances. I also got many 10s still sucks.

Today I got onlu 10s too, so angry I’m 100 DNA away from level 20 allosinosaur

I got really lucky with Purrolyth - Got 30s and 40s, In fact, nearly all rare hybrids I get high fusion amounts.

Then when I return to legendaries? Straight back to 10, 10, 10…

I always get 10s on stuff I really want until I’m 10 away. Then I get 50.

If there’s anything that needed to be nerfed, it’s the ability of the ‘R’NG to continually spit out 10s. :pensive:

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Well I guess it could have been worse. I could have gotten all 10s. At least now I got a 20.

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And @ResearchGirl
Please remove that voodoo jinx!!!

That’s how’s its been for my indo. I’m at 219 dna for it and its been one 20 and all 10s after. So annoying.

10…10…10…80. Tada!!!

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Congrats man!! That’s awesome! :grin:

Show us the front view :heart_eyes:

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How pretty :heart_eyes:

@Hersh I was still fusing 10s until the 80 on my last fuse. Thanks bro. Now the Koola dna won’t be getting me down.

Additionally, I beat @Heather this afternoon in a battle. You fellas really clump together in the alliance, eh?

You did? Well done! I’ve done nothing but lose all day :joy:

I’m the one whose monostego having less than 15 health left after you attacked me before I finished your dino off. Yeah, been on a losing streak myself. Went from 4900 to 4600 in a day.

I went away down to 4300 :joy::joy: