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I am so scared for 2.0 boosts

I am going to be in so much panic and will be so scared when 2.0 boosts come because we will have a limit on boosting the creatures, and what scares me more is they are increasing the max tier of boost from 10 to 20, I am so nervous for it, and I will need a load of time to think about it, anyone feeling scared and nervous about 2.0 boosts?

No. It’s just a game.


Scared, no. But I am a little skeptical that this will go off without a hiccup or two lol

I think the problem will be that some dinos don’t need the speed boost. So tryko, dioraja, ardentis, basically all tanks will be crazily overpowered, cause you can put all your boosts in damage and hp.
Have fun with lev 30 tanks with 15 15 0 boosts …


Tryko, while a tank, is also a CHOMPER, which means a very slight nerf thanks to the boost changes. And well, I’d rather face super boosted Maximas or other tanks in general than Thorafreaks and DC

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Not scared. Good thing is that it is not possible anymore to have a lot of stat boost on all three(Damage, Health and Speed). People have to make choices(more tactical choices?).

At the end not much will change. The same people now at the top will stay at the top. They have the most lvl 30 dino’s and the most amount of stat boosts. Spent the most time, spent the most money etc…


Yeah he’s a chomper and a tank. That’s what I’m saying. He only needs hp and damage and no speed. How is this a nerf exactly???

Btw same goes for DC, doesn’t need speed either. So you can chose if you want a DC with 20 damage boosts and 10 hp boosts which can oneshot all the fast dinos or you put it into hp and make him unkillable with his heal.

Slowing moves. Especially if they come from Gemini, who has big damage, or Maxima, since she can destroy shields. 1 on 1, Tryko eats maxima alive. But arena battles won’t usually be 1 on 1

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Imagine a tier 20 Geminititan with a towering 16000 health and 3000 attack

Tanks + bleeders meta is comming back again. I can see my team already:


Bye bye chickens … I have good memories :cry:


Exactly - bleeders would be nice, only problem is both unique tanks being immune :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

I have nothing clear that it is a “goal” for bleeders considering that many of the best dinos (Magna, Ardentis, Gemini, Erlidominus, …) are immune, many others can purify themselves (indo) or hit and run away (utarinez, say it, …). I haven’t seen bleeding in any team for a long time.

FYI at T10 (T20 in next update) Level 30 its HP / Attack max at 10940/2553 respectively

The day i’m ever scared and nervous about a game is the day I quit gaming, which will never happen.

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And it most likely wouldn’t be able to have both maxed attack and health at the same time due to the boost cap.

The new tier system doesn’t change the percentage total of boosted stats. Attack and hp have always been +50%, instead of a changing scale they simply made it static with 2.5% increase each tier. Speed was lowered from 50 to 40 with 2 points per level so max speed of a thor now can only be 149 which is nice. Im sure there will be alot less fast af Thors now, like tryko it will probably be health and or mainly attack now since you will need tier 12 speed on thor just to get it at 133 speed. Thats almost half the boosts you can use on a lvl 30 one.

If I feared anything about this game it would be time to walk away.
My approach to it is not to rush and boost optimally.
As for looking forward to or dreading it? Depends on how you play.
All those wasted boosts back. I have a hunch the spenders vs F2P gap will increase short term.

Courage is knowing what not to fear.

But srsly, it’s just a game. We’ll all learn as we go. And unlike the current boost system, if you want to “undo” some boosts, at least there’s a way to get half of them back!

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Not scared, I have a plan for most of my dinos. But I’d rather the new boosting system worked like the pokemon EV spread, that you can choose to really max out two stats. Then we could have 0-20-20 stuff. In the new boost spread the speedsters will be out of the meta. I didn’t want to say goodbye to my spyx. Even my Magna will most likely be kinda bad even with all her good qualities.

Heck I’m GLAD we will get a boost reset! Being nervous is for nervous nellies