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I am so sick of Morty losing to so many resilients

…But absolutely thrashing nearly every cunning. Hadros and Cera obliterate Morty (along with any other resilient that happens to be faster), whilst anything without dodge gets one-shotted (or left in swap range). I’ve lost my cunning dinos more to Morty than I have to actual resilient dinos!

I really, REALLY hope something is done about this in the next update. It’s pathetic that our ‘best’ fierce dino is a failure when it comes to the one job he’s supposed to do. Cleansing impact does nothing to help against resilients, because everything they do - slow, vulnerability, and stun - are already covered by his resistances and moves.


Stun is kinda covered, but no as much as it should. Though what I would like is for Morty to get Vulnerable immunity (it’s a Fierce APEX, should have it), more speed, and lower damage on Cera and Hadros. Or if it stays the same speed, I’ve seen something similar to the old Adrenaline Rush we had, just not priority and it heals with today’s current healing, and that was what replaced CI.


That’s one of the things I never understood but everyone ignored me when I tried mentioning it on my discord.

Even if you hate tournaments, please pretend you don’t for a minute.

Commons Allosaurus and Tarbosaurus had their vulnerable resistance reduced to balance the class system??? So in a Common-Rare tournament when you swap into them to deal with the armadillo Doedicurus you now lose?

This alone made me not understand the goal.


let me get this:
mortem loose for a group of creatures and win for other?

is that an unbalanced situation?

As a Fierce Creature, Mortem should beat Resilients and lose to Cunnings. It currently does the opposite, one-shotting any cunning that doesn’t Dodge.


It’s the Ludia version of rock-paper-scissors:

Rock smashes thru paper
Paper envelops scissors
Scissors tranced rock

What’s not to understand? :crazy_face:


Cleansing impact should be replaced by something like critical impact or ferocious impact to increase its damage output against resilient creatures while leaving it weak to distracting and dodging creatures. It probably needs a tad more speed to be faster than resilient creatures as well.

Or give it a group shattering impact and change roar to a cleansing strike and give something like RTC instead of cleansing impact.


what if ludia just reclassify mortem? :see_no_evil:

What if Ludia actually gave creatures their proper resistances and took off resistances on creatures that should be countered by that resistance. Tanks should be weak to pin and bleed, yet most can cleanse, swap, or both. Most cunning should be resistant to bleed and pin, and fierce should never have had their vulnerability resistance lowered, that was just a dumb move.