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I am so, so sorry

For how bad match making is. I keep getting matched up against teams with lvl 15-18 dinos and not boosted.

My Anky is destroying these teams and I honestly feel bad. I look at their profiles and they’re lvl 13-15 at 3500 trophies.

I should be matched with at least some lvl 18-20s with lvl20+ rares

I’m actually top 250 now and I don’t feel like it was deserves. It feels like it was handed to me. :confused:


Tbh I don’t see why they’re making advantage tourneys if they don’t fix matchmaking

One member from my alliance he’s top 250 but he’s facing people from top50 and he got destroyed

It’s ridiculous to see they’re organizing these PvP events but they’re not trying to fixing it


My Kapro’s sorry too. I had to get the takedowns for my alliance. I don’t really care about frilly head dna.

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I wish there was a sorry emote. I honestly want to use it often when I trash someone.


It even has its own empty spot on the emotes list. It could be added there if Ludia wanted to.

I wish it was coins. :pensive:

I wish it was HC or boosts. But I couldn’t be bothered in unboosted rare.

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I’m so done with boosts.


I’m not against boosts but the execution of the boost idea is what I don’t like.
I wish boosting was something that we could do to a creature just because it reached lvl 30, for free. That would give players a reward for reaching max level on a critter, and still allow customization. The boost limit system would have worked fine for that.
Also Ludia could sell boost resets. So they’d still have something to gain.


I am against having 2 extreme tourneys. Too “fair” in skill and too “unfair” in Advantage. Why nothing in between.

Don’t feel sorry. My goal is to collect 10 casualties, so even for strong teams, I can still defeat a couple of dinos to get the alliance points. The individual reward of the tournament is lame anyway.

I just use “cry” when it happens

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Would be interesting to have one for level advantage only.
I’d also like themed tournaments where only 1 type of critter can be chosen (such as the stego family, the sauropod family, the tyrano family etc.) to fill your team. Should be any family that has more than 4 to mix things up a bit.

I don’t use that because it can be taken the wrong way such as “I bet you’re crying right now!”

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I had a similar experience.

I was up against a team of level 10-15 dinos, which my crew of level 20s took down with ease.

Then, on the very next match, I was up against someone with a team of level 25-30 dinos. I went down with ease.

Whats the point of balancing every single creature in the game (mostly), when you dont fix matchmaking?Thats about as useless as putting the effort on improving the presentation of the food you cook, but not when it comes to cooking/making said food properly. All of your efforts in vain. Just another part of Ludia Logic

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The matchmaking was actually going pretty well for my first few battles, until this happened:

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Oof, I know my Anky is destroying some teams…

sounds like just your regular advantage tournament to me ? They are all like that … My first 4 matches were ok, then straight into a maxed hp lion.

@Asta - That Anky can hold its own in the regular arena, so it must be doing great in this tourney.
I certainly feel sorry for anyone that meets it!

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