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I am STILL FUSSING about PVP " cheating."

Yes am now calling people who exploit pvp cheaters!

My son has a pvp score under 300 and is all level 7 and 8. He has rares and or two epics.

I watched him in 2/3 games come up aganst level 10+ with epics and legendary gear. There is no PVP event going on now! This makes no sense to me and I wrote support but got no response. I asked…

First why is this allowed by developers?
Second , what gain to these "cheaters* get from killing new or low levels on pvp?

My son said it is called Camping?? Tough guys kill weak ones over and over to harass them??

Really? I hope that is not the reason but this needs to be prevented or new players will simply give up and leave…sort of like I did. I avoid PVP and just quest…

So to those who play with integrity…Thanks!
To those of you who exploit the game to harass others…you know what we think of you.

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How is it “cheating” exactly? For high level characters It’s not worth it to work the system for low level chests. I’ve run into lots of higher level characters in pvp and I thrash them because they don’t know what they are doing. Take the loss move on, level up your characters. I had to do it. I’d also say, no one is forcing anyone to pvp. Adventure, do the runs, heck - I leveled up some of my common and rare gear easily enough to crush Opponents - over time he’ll get stronger and figure it out … or maybe not?

You play fair!

But do you take your high level Characters…lose enough games to lower your pvp score, then enter low level PVP arenas to play against low level players with little to no gear?

This is being done and I am not sure why? To harass “newbies”? As my son calls them.
Logically this is not cheating as it is allowed. Perhaps lack of gamensmanship is better term?

There is a PvP event going on right now which is the real reason why. Recommend rolling with the punches for now because it was an unforeseen consequence by the developers when introducing Test of Might. We all are getting matched up with trophy tanking monsters (although, to be fair it is an exception more than the rule in my case).

I have been playing Warriors of Waterdeep since Beta. Unfortunately development and planning at Ludia appears to be very linear. Little effort is spent considering the ramifications of change. The objectives of every update are well intentioned but poorly conceived. Moreover, Ludia takes months to respond to significant blunders. The response is rarely to remove or correct the problem, but instead they tend to build upon the error which only compounds the issue.

Warriors of Waterdeep was originally a very enjoyable game and the graphics remain pleasing. However, the ongoing issues with ill-conceived updates, server issues, bugs and limited support, have driven many players away.

There is still an opportunity to save the game if Ludia is willing to replace ineffective staff and begin responding to these issues.

Unfortunately, they just don’t seem to care.


After losing a whole refresh to one-shotting of my entire team (once on the opening move!) I decided to move down from level 7 to level 5 for the challenge. It was like shooting fish in a barrel, just absurdly easy, I could have easily won 50 battles straight and completed the challenge without another refresh.

However not long in someone made the angry emoticon when they saw my superior team and I thought yeah this isn’t fair, Plus it was boring, some might like god mode but you don’t get much out of the reward if there’s no challenge, so I moved up to level 6.

Which is where I discovered something interesting. Level 6 is where I should actually be. I don’t find level 7 enjoyable at all, I seem to be the only player without legendary bow on archer and the majority seem to have legendary weapons on the dwarf and often raika and wizard and warlock, yet the only one i have is on Calliope. It’s an exercise in frustration. Yet in level 6 it’s just right, I win more than 50% of the time, it’s a challenge and I get beaten fair and square after good chess battles rather than ridiculous one shot annhilations.

Basically you have to find the spot that is challenging but rewarding for you u and stick around that level.

As to original poster, I didn’t see why anyone from level 6-7 would go back that far as it’s absurdly easy just dropping 2 levels. Your son was probably just matched with one idiot multiple times.

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I don’t really think it is cheating but it is kind of crappy to take advantage just because you can and because no one is stopping you.

Also there actually is a pvp event going on

It’s neither cheating nor taking advantage if you move into an arena level that is suitable for your team as I’ve written above. For some people that will actually be the same level, but for me where everyone in tier 7 has far superior gear to me it’s tier 6.

That’s just adjusting for weaknesses in the game

I’m actually going to stay in tier 6 permanently now as the the PvP experience is as it’s meant to be

It’s gaming the system when you move into a tier that is too low and it’s a walkover

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You are totally correct.

However, if one moves several levels lower on purpose I feel this is not right. The only reason I can see to do that is to harass new players as gear is not worth it to them at level. OR to get easy wins to win PVP events as was mentioned above.
It seems it would be beneficial to all to prevent people with all legendaries or X number of levels above their opponent to be blocked from that low levels.

Just my opinion

You have been told several times it is happening it has nothing to do with the PvP. It has to do with the test of might event no one is tanking to go harass new players people do it because that is how you are matched in the other event by your trophies. If you stay at level you should d be you get hammered and have no chance of beating the teams you are put up against. I stress again it is not done to harass anyone!

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And I respect your point and opinion.

I believe this issue happens all of the time…event or not. It simply happens more when there is an event.

And this action does effect new and/or lower level players. Let me change the word harass to disrupt. The games of lower level players are disrupted when fully geared, high levels exploit the system to gather up easy wins.

You may be seeing malice where none actually exists. Remember it is entirely possible and plausible for someone to hit lvl 10 on their characters before even fighting their first PvP match ($$$). The game doesn’t track win/losses, just trophies so there are no bragging rights for beating someone in the low arenas. The only benefit is in keeping event costs down. Conversely, there is no real detriment outside of the event to losing such a lopsided match. Just que up for another one. The matches are free to participate in, and if you get blown away round one all you really lost was a minute of your time.

Just last night I almost had my arse kicked by a group of level 11’s and one level 8. It was one of the toughest fights I’ve had in PVP and that includes going up against level 18 bots. All my characters are level 14. I have a mix of epics and legendaries, with most of the epics at rank 7. I don’t believe I’m bad at PVP but I don’t claim to be some sort-of expert either. They didn’t even have epic gear. I genuinely couldn’t believe it and thought there was some sort of shenanigan going on.

I just had the same thing happen but against a different opponent. Seriously? How am I almost losing to level 11’s with no epics or legendaries? This is insane.

Turbotarry… not many if any at all are taking about people who adjust for their skill and gear. Most are taking about people who drop down far below their strength so that they can have an advantage over others in the event. Ideally if you are matched correctly in pvp you should have an overall win rate of about 50/50 since ideally you’d be matched up against someone your own strength

Lee maker… there would be no point for someone to drop down for easy wins in pvp… they get less cards and gold if they are in a lower arena and wins themselves mean nothing. If you are in a higher arena and lose 4 or 5 before you finally win and get a chest you are still better off than if you went down and won your first fight to get the chest. It would be pointless to move down for lesser rewards so I don’t think you are seeing what you actually think you are. People are losing in pvp to get advantage in the events. After the event is over they move back up to fill their chests at higher arena before dropping back down for next event. They aren’t trying to gain an advantage in pvp itself because like I said that would actually hurt them more than help.

And now I just lost to lvl 12’s. I’m not that bad at this game. It’s just a really badly designed game.

I’ve beat a team of lvl 14/15s with two lvl 9s and two lvl 12s. It’s not hard once you understand the importance of kill order. Also, a maxed common is just as good as a maxed legendary. There are some really good PvPers out there and in arena 7 (which I’m assuming is where you are at) you shouldn’t make any assumptions based on someone’s lvl or gear rarity.


Skill accounts for about 5% of this game, 10% at a huge stretch. And the skill that is required isn’t exactly of genius-level complexity so saying it makes a significant difference is a bit silly IMO.

As for ‘assumptions about gear rarity’, I mean… you do realise you can tell by visuals, right?

But sure, maybe they had levelled their commons to ridiculously high ranks; that’s about the only thing I think could validly explain it.

I would profusely disagree on your assessment of skill. I’ve lost and won too many games on skill alone to discount it. Yes, occasional initiative order will screw you, but I’ve found that to be the exception rather than the rule. As for items, some of my easiest battle so far have been against people fully decked out in legendaries. I was saying that you were making assumptions that it would be an easy fight because someone uses commons/rares. People tend to ignore my Warlock for that very reason…guess they don’t know what her common wand does at lvl 13.

There’s a lot more luck involved than initiative order. If one team has Halbanet while one doesn’t that is an advantage. If one team can dominate and the other can’t that is an advantage. Having an imbalance in ranged characters on a team is advantage for the team with more ranged characters especially since all the ranged characters can eventually have a knockback or no movement ability.

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