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I am the only one with this bug?

Well since the change of the “creature of the month”
I am not sure but i feel my “daily missions” bug :
Especially at the “open incubators” and “Open daily incubator”
I explain myself:I always have 2 daily incubator in advance in case of problems to get my daily rewards.
Yesterday,when brachi appear,i save up my daily mission for it.But i got to open 2 daily incubator instead of one.Like the first one didn’t count!
Today:This morning,i got to open 6 incubators:
While i sleep,i always let the 8H incubator,so this morning,i got time to open the 8H incubator,the 15m incubator and the “free incubator” of the shop:
When i look at my “open incubator” count? it is write 1/6
Techniquly,i have open 3
Anyone else having this issue?

It’s possible that the daily’s reset right after you opened the first 2, but if neeed to know when yuh woke up to figure that out

I will wait few more days.
Yesterday was the change,so i think it was normal to be buggy.
Today,the account was buggy too,if it happen to me more time,i will report it.

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I just got done reporting this bug myself earlier. Wasn’t aware there was another report until I found your post.

But, no, you’re not the only one with this bug.