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I am tired

Jurassic World Alive has been my addiction for over 2 years and it has evolved a lot since then. More often in good and fun ways.

The only exception in my book has always been PvP and specifically arena.

The problem with arena is that Ludia created it to be a jackpot machine instead of a battle ring. It is too RNG based to be called a reasonable PvP experience. Whether its the 4 you draw, the crits or the stun/dodge mechanism, you need to have good luck to have a chance. Add move prediction, boosts and broken creatures, you get a horrible arena.

Ludia has tried to fix Arena and they actually got it right (or in the right direction) but then threw it all away within weeks pandering to the PvP-is-life crowd. Nothing wrong enjoying PvP, we all have quirks, but when it’s at the expense of the whole community then perhaps it needs to be dialed down.

What Ludia has messed up royally is the trophies system and the progression system. By having resets, free for all matchmaking and zero sum trophies gain/loss, Ludia has ensured that arena will get worse for the majority while the minority get demonised for just wanting to enjoy PvP.

It’s tiring to lose and lose because you cannot catch a break despite having a meta team lvled and boosted to maxxed. You question what you can do and that is when you quit. It’s sad that a win brings relief not joy and a loss is met with unbridled rage. Is this what Ludia wants? Angry players who will stop playing and thus stop paying for stuff? How does that make sense?

Ludia doesn’t care enough to fix arena for the good of the majority then it will lose revenue.


I agree arena needs to be balanced
Stat boost needs ro be removed
And most importantly
Monolometrodon has to get monomimus’ed

it just needs a decent nerf, not to the ground or monomimus’ed like you keep saying, just needs a nerf to be more balanced with its rarity and more counterable. No creature deserves to be monomimus’ed


What ludia wants is for you to get so mad that you buy boosts to try to catch up with the people you get destroyed by.

Its been like that since even before boosts.


Do you believe your “luck” in pvp is heavily “modulated” by Ludia? Many situations are mathematically not possible by a fair RNG like Tryko not drawn in consecutive 10 battles or max did 6 crits in a row


I’ve been saying it for a while now.

I think to truly fix things, it requires a complete rework of each Class’s Resistances, a rework of what Resilient moves can actually do, ALL crit chances need to be no higher than 10%, boosting the Speed stat should be percentage based like attack and health are, and most importantly, the trophy resets need to stop being a thing.


Is it me or has it become really condensed high library and low gyro range?

This might just be me, but what if we made it so that stun and dodge are always 100% chance (idk about crits, that’s kind of hard to balance), and then maybe make it a team of 4? That seems kind of gross tho

here is the joke. i cant buy anymore boosts and even if I did they wouldnt make an iota of diff since ALL my creatures are maxxed boosted and meta.

All it would do is make me take my money and go. no more money for Ludia. so instead of getting me to spend more, i spend zilch.

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its the outcome of Ludia’s bad arena build engine.

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Good for you?
I’m talking about the standard player.

The logic behind Ludia is why the game NEVER become the HUGE sucess.

Every player in each level feel to much frustration to enjoy the effort the game demand.

To play JWA every player need to invest really really really much time. The amount of time players spend on the game dosen’t feel worth the outcome.

When players never feel the investment of time are worth it, they quit.

The game is to hard to play and the company don’t care to offer more enjoyable aspects and build more dimensions in the game.

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@arugono I always read your comments and your topics.(BTW good suggestions back then for arena changes)Because you give reasonable answers and suggestions.

Now…Months ago i had an epiphany.
What if…the company saw the economical status of the game and realized that JWA reached its peak and now is a downhill road. There are 2 options:

1st)Support the game :Hiring more experienced stuff, fix bugs,add more appealing features etc
But support the game the game will need more funding,less revenue

2nd) Close the game But there will be riots and lots of refundings…so loss of money for the company

And there is a 3rd option.What a smart company would do. Remove most of the stuff and rearrange them to other projects,Keep the minimum stuff,not fixing bugs,create more,create more unbalanced creatures,keep an arena full of frustration.And have a goal to shut down the game in 1.5 year.By that time most of the players would have quit

job well done


Years ago i made a suggestion for this exactly reason.
We should have a 12 strike team.
A-B-C-D brackets every bracket will have 3 Dinos(total 12),RNG choose one from each bracket to total 4.So you can organize the brackets with Dinos of your choosing.
ex: Brackets: Tank - Fierce -Swap in - Speedsters -Distraction - All Around etc etc

In this way at least you will have a saying of what team you want(as strategy)

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Yes yes, yes, and no.

Eu também. Está difícil

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Me too. It’s hard

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It must be the Amber Club that put forward the suggestions that have been implemented in the arena. Otherwise why bother with it?
So what do they gain from having a 30/30 win loss?
Why would they want all players from the top to Library to restart every season together?
I have no idea at all.
Can anyone explain that?


Yeah I’m pretty sure 3 is already the state of things. This small frequent updates do a good job of giving the illusion Ludia is still updating the game regularly. While offering very little in content.

The real question is this a new normal as far as updates go or is it temporary until they get their next release out.


One way to remove a bit more of the rng in the game is to tweak some of the resistances.
I find it very irritating when I have a 75% resistance to stun, swap prevention or even critical reduction (or taunt) and then I end up getting the stun effect or swap prevention effect or whatever. This makes me brake my fingers of anger.
So what i propose is to have the % of these resistances to be only 0% or 100%, no in between. Either youre immune to stuns or not. Either youre immune to critical reduction or not…

A little bit of chocolate is good, but too much can make you sick, or in this case, more rng can make you angry and uninstall the game.


I can’t say I don’t agree with you about one or the other. Either you are immune or you’re not.

But back when this was the case we had people complaining about getting permanent stuns, one after the other, and constant dodging sustaining no damage at all. This is equally as frustrating when you are on the wrong side of it.

A good balance would be to give complete immunity but not to allow for stunners to stun again and again, or dodgers to get the option to dodge more than once or twice.

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