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I am tired

There is, and that’s a weaker 1v1, as they take a while to kill, usually 3-4, and that’s there biggest weakness. Boosted arena makes these flaws more glaring

Not really. It doesn’t have the offensive capabilities seen in something like ceramagnus. Monolorhino is also a pain to create and should be good. I also find that not being able to leave immediately is not the best

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Don’t even compare them to Ceramagnus. It’s a fact that those dinos are totally broken because of boosts. This is why I said that Ludia should take this into account when they balance creatures. You clearly use it and you would want it to leave immediately after swapping in… Wow. Do you really want to make this game even worse?

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Fantastic reply. I agree with everything you said.

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Umm, Rhino falters in boosted meta because of no lockdown cleanse, while Draco suffers from boost system. Go HP, you lose out on attack, go attack, you lose out on HP, and nitro Draco obviously doesn’t work. It’s also incredibly easy to predict after coming in, and neither have great 1v1’s.

Also, Ceramagnus is pretty darn close to Monolorhino in terms of how easy it is to get (Proly the easiest Apex raid, Mortem requires some pretty high level stuff).

Also also, @ElEduardo is actually pretty well known for their objective view on balancing. They also have a running tier list that many use for tournaments.

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If you have access to a 20 irritator, a good max and a good tuoro, you need a level 6 lion and you can beat mortem every time. Monolorhino is much tougher to get. Grinding woolly rhino for both monolorhino and a keratoporkus hybrid is much worse than a weekly raid

They are not “broken”. No where near the term. Gorgotrebax is gonna put draco in a world of trouble with that rend resistance and being relevant. Monolorhino is good, but it’s also not broken. They can be annoying, but annoying doesn’t mean broken

I meant that in context that you require ridiculous stuff. Normalized/Lower strats exist, however they often severely alter how much the other members of the team need to invest to make the strat viable cough Max cough

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I mean, when being compared to what most are calling the best creature in the game?

Objectively, Monolorhino has everything to have a solid play against anything it swaps into.
Most fierce and cunning creatures have a great chance of being stunned by the swap.
It will be faster than those Fierce creatures, therefore its cunning strike already guarantees a softer blow the next turn.
And for the Cunnings and Resilients, armor and priority shields also guarantee a reliable safety net.
To top it off, almost all status effects are moot too.
Even swapping into a Grypolyth has no drawbacks.

It doesn’t really need a cleansing move like draco or Monostego, because it’s built to swap in and resistant to being punished for doing so. The only actual bad move you could make is swapping into a DSR and unless it’s from a Magna or a Mortem, you’re pretty solid unless you’re having a bad RNG day.

Hahahaha that’s cute, best creature without a doubt is Lux, but everyone is up in arms about Magnus. We have another Diplod/Rhino lol

Seriously, Magnus is a heck of a lot weaker in a 1v1 compared to Hadros Lux (7500 by T2 vs 4500? And Lux has pretty similar swap utility with that counter) and it loses out on offense for not much extra bulk (Boosted Mortem, eat your heart out). Also, it is still restrained by the lockdown, and can’t throw up shields or cleanse out of it

It loses 600 hp for the best swap in move in the game I think that’s a pretty fair trade off sure hadros can swap in and counter but it’s eating a big hit that cera wouldn’t and only gets half the damage cera does that’s like saying tryko has swap in utility yet nobody ever uses tryko like they would draco or mrhino and while magnus can double rampage cera has access to an instant move that does damage makes it the fastest creature for 3 turns with only a one turn cooldown and acute stun vs a stunnable foe cera can swap in rampage then acute stun and rampage again so for 2 turns the enemy is attacking cera is outputting 7500 cera also has excellent armour (making it just as tanky and less susceptible to draco) and crit chance (for vs a stunnable foe even more damage than hadros and on swap in) that hadros doesn’t have to make up for lower bulk and cera can’t be revenge killed without hitting first bc it will always be faster thanks to group acceleration if I had to pick one to add to my team it would be cera hands down also it’s doesn’t matter if it’s restrained by lockdown because it’s gonna 100% destroy whatever they bring out next


My idea for a woolly nerf is just remove the swap in stun and buff woolly a bit (maybe)

I don’t think Diplodocus vs Rhino is a fair comparison. 1v1 Rhino is nowhere near Diplod, but Magnus is actually not far behind Lux.

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It doesn’t really get to swap in freely, as there are many common threats that take it out. Like swapping in on a faster fresh thor is a death sentence and a tryko with some speed and good attack, which is the majority of trykos, is also gonna end you. Many times my rhino bites the dust after something like mags comes in, and I can’t distract it or slow it or regen. Mortems will also take it out pretty well

oh look a losing streak

the be honest i really dun see why anyone should play PvP. its just a broken system that has no value to the player base.

No one cares about Allo G2 since you hid it behind a luck wall. Ludia should just delete arena and the game would improve 1000%. I feel no joy in it yet I am having to endure the horrible RNG mess that is arena.

It doesnt feel nice to be bullying opponents because they didnt have the right luck. Bad Matchmaking is 1 thing. Just horrible RNG is quite something else.