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I am your father...Nooooo


Postimetrodon against Tryostronix…Who’s gonna win ?


Postdimetrodon: Who are you?
Tryostronix: I am you, but stronger!


“I will show no mercy” :joy:

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“A valiant effort, but ultimately, futile!”


I think Tryostronix resembles Gorgosuchus (of course an Immune edition) more than Postimetrodon in terms of their move kits.



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Also, cover work and title are both :ok_hand:


Its kinda funny that pryor to 1.5 posti would have won that fight.

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If posti is higher level by a bit, it would win because it outspeeds tryo. Really depends who is higher level in this matchup, my level 18 tryo has been killed by level 20+ postis so many times


I saw your rtc fs combo and decided to try it myself in the arena. It was the perfect moment to do it: against a low health raja and I predicted they were going to go instant invisibility, so I did rtc, and killed it with fs. It was great, now the next dino will be dead for sure. BUT, a freakin lvl 26 monometrodon appears and nullifies the whole damn thing. I couldn’t believe it :sob::sob:


Those RTC ferocious DSRs are a thing of beauty! :heart_eyes:


The faster the winner. But since we are limited to level 30 tryistronix is going to be faster at the end :sunglasses:

Yes that’s a big weakness. How many times I canceled a rtc with a nullify by swapping during the turn they rtc. That’s really the worst :pensive:

Yes it’s one if the best setup, really difficult to put together sadly but so rewarding. This 50% crit kills every Dino in the game barring a life saving dodge :sunglasses: