I balanced the game

Thats all that i can think of so far im really blanking out rn imao

Umm, you kinda made skoona useless. Just give it restricted group distraction and medium decel counter


I mean, GDR isn’t the actual issue with Skoona, so why downgrade it to Group Decelerating Impact?


Idk it was the middle of the night man

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Rip skoona and testa, I get they had to be nerfed but not this much. Also restricted group distraction exists for skoona.


Ok i will give skoona back group decel rampage

But testa is fine imo, they dont need cleanse on impact or the counter

Also it does not need full vulnerability immunity

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Also the stat changes are fine i belive

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All i was trying to do is make less used creatures more used but not so used

Skoonasaurus’ health and DSR wasn’t even a problem to begin with. It’s its IDI which should be reverted back to RGD.


The problem is that the health was fine, the armor could have stayed to same, but it should get back Stun Immunity and keep Vulnerable Immunity. Those were fine. Its the fact that it could swap freely and survive so long. Also it could get Swap In Heal back now that its counter is gone.

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Now they stand near Indoraptor in the tc…

I’m baffled by why the Testa nerf concepts always seem to be making it worse than it was when most people agreed it needed to be buffed. You don’t balance an OP creature by making it underpowered again.


Ok chill i did this half asleep

Let the guys saying it’s fine as it is because they use it.
Testa need something like speed decrease, remove it’s counter heal and it will be still good but will stop to let her kill 3 creatures in a row.
Skoo initiative is broken, this creature is more strong than ardentismaxima a year ago with full immunity

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I made an appropriate Skoonasaurus nerf. Now with 2 impacts