I Battled an Imperatosuchus Last Night - How Is That Possible?

I thought the new Apex gator was accessed through raids. How is then that I battled a level 27 one last night in the arena? Were certain people given access to it early? Is it somehow fuseable? Can you buy it in the store?

Unfortunately I did not bother getting a screenshot as I figured I must be mistaken on how to access the new Apex.


Its not fusible and you can only get its dna once a week from raids

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Hmm, well something is going on then… Another exploit perhaps.

Try to go back to the players you have fought.

Its a hacker
Its the only answer here


I did that this morning and it is not showing up. So they either changed it out or that player fell off the list already. I did a lot of raids and battles last night.

Wish I had been quicker, but I assumed I was mistaken on its availability so did not bother to look any further at the time.

Someone mentioned that a few of them had been given out by Ludia to content creators, so maybe? This was in Gyro BTW.

I saw a post last night on reddit that said a bot battle had the gator in it


Oh, interesting @Dankylosaurus . Could have been it then. I did hit a couple of bot battles. That would explain why it is not showing up in my list of battles too.

As I said, I should have been paying more attention. I did not think all that much about it until this morning when I realized it was a raid only Apex.


I think that might be a glitch.

I won against a player in Gyro whose name matched one of the well known top players, but when I went to double check, no such player showed up on my list. The top player had an entirely different team to the one I fought.

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Wow, that is very interesting @Delta. So it is a glitch that the player and their team doesn’t show properly? I can only see 10 players on my previously battled list, and several of those are people I did raids with.

It’s only available through raids so I’m not sure how you were able to get it

I did not get it @Overkill_999 , I battled someone who had it. As Danky said, maybe a bot?

That’s a possibility

JWABattleBot has it. Don’t worry, it was probably a bot


I dont think JWABattlebot use apex creatures in the AI battles. It uses only rare thro unique.

You battled the IA and didn’t realise :sweat_smile:

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Don’t need to be rude. Sometimes we are just not as focused on opponent names, and we can have cheaters, so his doubt could be anyones doubt :blush:


How rude.

Been playing since the beginning, you?


Thanks @DinoThunder. Yeah, I was doing a lot of arena battles while I was also working. It’s not exactly like it takes a lot of brain cycles to do them. Anyway, I appreciate the answer. Was not so much worried as I was curious.