I Battled an Imperatosuchus Last Night - How Is That Possible?

My original post on this was because I fought one before it was even released. It was determined to be a bot.

The DNA has now been on sale several times in the shop. . For $600 (or thereabouts) you could create it from the incs that were for sale.

I should have it in 6 weeks provided I don’t get a bunch of 15’s. Then I make a gator theme team.

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I should have taken a picture but yesterday I fought a lvl 28 Imperatosuchus, who proceeded to takedown my entire team.

Who in their right mind spends over a $1,000 on a mobile game…


Some people would

I’ve heard someone spent 7k on a character once

Edit: it was $700 but for a single character

Edit: I mean a skin

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I’ve heard of dollars in the 6 digits spent on this game, $1000 isn’t much compared to that.:joy:

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Nah you have to be pulling my leg there



It’s been on the shop every single week, afaik.
80 DNA/week from the shop for either 15k hard cash or 150$ (? - I don’t remember).

Someone who didn’t miss a single pack, must be close to L29 by next week.

In the UK we have programmes on TV that show how people spend their money. Yachts that cost millions, gold bathroom accessories that cost hundreds of thousands and cars that cost more than most of us earn in a lifetime.

There are restaurants where a meal costs over £2,000 a head, and a bottle of wine can be twice that price so you see that spending big money on a game is perfectly fine for some people.


Maybe you could survey some people at the top of the arena and ask how much they have spent lol

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Incubators have been sold for it about 4 times since it has been released, so the rich have gotten richer.