I Beat Lord Lythronax with Level 28 Dinosaurs (and one 29)

Last night, I finally got my fourth level 28 dinosaur. I had been grinding to get that fourth dinosaur up for over a month now, as I was really keen to finish off the campaign. I immediately went into mission 77 and dispatched three of my four opponents on the first try (Magnapyritor, Trykosaurus, Utarinex, and Smilonemys). I collected my rewards of 20 unique DNA for each of those and confidently pressed the next campaign button.

All Hail, Lord Lythronax. (good grief!)

If you haven’t fought this “thing” or looked ahead, this is a unique level 30 with 8888 Health, 2529 attack, 142 speed and 20% armor. It normally opens with an Instant Rampage which hits for 5058 damage (unless it crits… which it does often). If you get lucky enough to survive the one-shot and land a blow on it, it also has Maximal Counter Attack, which hits for 2529 damage.

Whatever dino you follow it up with has to contend with a Defense Shattering Rampage which will destroy any shield you put up and hits you (again) for 5058. If (by some miracle) you manage to hit it again, then it returns fire with another 2529 from MCA.

So… by this time, you hope to try a cloak or evade to actually land a shot on this behemoth. Nope. Too bad. The third shot is a Nullifying Strike which hits for 2529, and if you survive that, you get another smack in the face for 2529 from MCA.

With my fixed stable of four minimum level dinosaurs, I had no ability to try different combinations of dinos. I was stuck with:

  • (29) Sarcorixis - 3/3/4 (5226 - 1617 - 126)
  • (28) Indoraptor Gen 2 - 6/5/6 - (4944 - 1736 - 140)
  • (28) Erlidominus - 4/4/4 - (4002 - 1940 - 137)
  • (28) Tryostronix - 4/5/7 - (5093 - 1612 - 138)

After a few attempts, I had all but given up. Every dinosaur I put in there got one-shot except my Sarcorixis. That would only do 1415 damage (or 1817 on a crit) before the MCA killed it. Everything else was one-shot with the second rampage because none of my dinosaurs was fast enough to get an attack in. Then… the impossible happened.

I opened with Sarcorixis and did my usual 1415 damage before dying. I realized that Lord Lythronax normally used his Nullifying Strike on the third shot, so I followed with Indoraptor Gen 2. I used the Evasive Stance, and (for once) Lord Lythronax did NOT chomp through the evasion to kill me. I was able to get in a Defense Shattering Rampage. He hit me with the Nullifying Strike, but (trumpets sound and angels sing) he left me with 145 HP and I got a second shot in with Cautious Strike.

Now, bear in mind that he still has around 3500 HP left at this point and I still feel I have no chance. His MCA had killed my Indoraptor Gen 2, so I put in my Erlidominus. Realizing that Cloak and Evade were the only two mechanics that had any chance of working, I opened with a Cloak and expected an instant death from him chomping through my cloak as he had done twice previously on other attempts. My eyes got really wide when the cloak worked and I survived. All I needed was for the cloak to work one more time and I’d be able to do the 4X damage with a cloaked rampage… and the rest (as they say) is history.

I survived his last shot and my 4X rampage landed. Lord Lythronax slumped to the dirt, and the rewards were mine. 200 hard cash, a special incubator with 35,000 coins and lots of really useless DNA. Seriously, I got Majungasaurus and anything else you could name that does not support the current meta or my stable. I also got an epic incubator with 15,000 coins and more useless DNA (although I did get 227 Erlikosaurus this time). Finally, I got 10,000 Lythronax. (meh).

So… with the current meta in patch 1.12, that’s how the battle went down. I’m sure you have got to have all your stars align for this to work, and I feel luckier than I deserved in this battle… but, HEY! I beat it. No complaints there.

Hopefully, this helps some of you who didn’t think you had a good enough team to advance in the campaign to Mission 79. (That’s right… there are more challenges after Lythronax.)

Let me know if this post helped you beat Lord Lythronax and advance in the campaign.


When I got my first 4 L28 dinos, they were L30 Stegod and Indor, L28 Thor and Utasino. Only Stegod is unboosted They were not able to beat Lord. When my fifth dino came which is L28 unboosted Monostego, I beat Lord.
Stegod opened and was able to survive first turn. It died on the second turn.
Thor came up, it could only use DSI. The health of Thor must be higher than 5k in order to survive the counter attack from Lord.
Then Lord was about to use its instant rampage. Monostego was swapped in to make some damage and absorb the damage from instant rampage. Of course Monostego died.
Indor showed up, first turn evasive stance. Lord used DSR but dodged. Lord would use Null strike and Indor finished Lord with DSR.

Now myThor is L29, waiting for one more L29 dino to continue the campaign.

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