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I beat Mortem Rex!

Our allance beat him the first time it was hard but won i got 20 dna off the win we gave Mortim a nikname Marty!

16 Likes Marty Mcfly!


Nice one! :wink:


Team used, 25 Tuoro, 28, Deilo, 27 Indorapter g2 and my max boosted 30 Thor. I underestimated indo g2 its amazing at raids as a back up distracter.

Congrats! :smiley:

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Speaking of nicknames for Mortem, my alliance refer to it as Mortimer. Congrats on the win!

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Well done :slight_smile:

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Mortimer mouse lol.

Ooh another name should be Morty! Like from Rick and Morty!!!

mort from Netfix

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we used this same strategy in our alliance and it also worked

2 distracters and healers are a must, deilo and tuoro for heals high lvl and something that can distract while deilo cant to focus on debuffs and heals, a Thor or Ardento. Turo for speed boost doing damage to the raptor and keeping crew faster than the raptor, thor or Ardento to Ae attack killing the minions. Rest is focusing on distracting thor and heal rotation as well as distract debuff rotation on Marty! Its way easier after the minions our taken down.