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"I believe in my Thor" - Song

Ok so im in the process of making a Thor based parody of the song “I believe I can fly”, this is what I have so far but would love some further suggestions to complete the song so its ready for recording!

“I believe in my Thor!” - Written by Stiffeno!

Intro -
I used to think, that I did love, this gameeeee
But thats before, the boosted Thor, did reignnnn
But now I now, that I cannot competeeee
So I should just, accept my new ratingggg

I believe in my Thorrrr
Always makes your Dino’s hit the floorrrr
I see him critting every night and dayyyy
Use some boosts and crit awayyyy

I believe in my thorrr
Gunna make your Trex hit the floorrrr
Even if you try and run awayyyyy
He’ll crit your ass and laugh awayyyy

I believe in my Thor!
I see your second Dino’s back for moreee
Better boost your ass or run awayyy
Dracorex aint far awayyyy

I believe in my Thorrr
Can’t believe you’re actually back for moreee
Gunna crit your ass right awayyy
Tank your rating night and day

I believe in my Thorrrr
You should be runnin out that open door
I see you got a free boost todayyyy
Don’t waste your time, it won’t change a thang

I believe in my Thor
I see you lookin at the in-game store
It doesn’t matter if you try and pay
All the boosts have gone away

I believe in my Thor
Arena balance just went threw the floor
It doesn’t matter if they nerf away
The player base aint gunna stay


R Kelly probably has some good input for you

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if i was going to choose R Kelly i wouldve went with a parody “piss on you”


Shhh, song 2 is supposed to be a secret lol

Parody of “song 2” by Blur confirmed




lol. enjoy before flagged




Literally cracked up irl lol

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Added some more on to the song, its really starting to take shape now!

Too bad my singing is horrible, gotta find someone who has a singing voice to actually compose to once its done!

Updated the song with a couple of extra verses.

I still have to do the proper intro though like the original, but boost edition.

Any further suggestions as to some new verses I’m all for.