I bought a 9.99 pack and didn't get it


I was charged and didn’t get the cash


Restart your game, or shut the game off, turn your phone off, wait 10 seconds then turn it all back on. Might have to clear you cache.


I did and still nothing I restarted it twice and no mail or anything


Then you should be able to ask for a refund. Google is pretty good about getting you your money back. I got my money back when I got swindled from a huge purchase I made that was nothing like what was advertised.


That what I was trying to do I bought the pack they give u for lv up and it went thru but not the cash one


Hey Gabino_Gino, I’m sorry to hear that you are having difficulty with an in-game purchase. Our support team would be glad to assist you with this, however. Can you please contact our staff here at support+forums@ludia.com with your purchase information and Support Key included in the email?


Wow… Someone from Ludia responds! Hey Ned, why is it that when you have a problem. Nobody from Ludia responds??? Your the first person i have seen to respond to a problem.


Send a suppory ticket and wait about 2 weeks, given you provide what they ask, they will help you out


Can someone from support message me by email or on here so I can get my special offer that was glitched off screen for going to level 18 ! I work my butt of getting to that level just for that offer and then just booted from screen and jurassic world alive closed ! Screen shot with the time that I just levelled ! the offer was 34$ plus some change and was amazing 4000 dino bucks and over 110,000 coins plus all the DNA and other stuff if I lose that offer after working for days to get to the next level just for the offer! !

Tapjoy issue

I also have the money for it so shouldn’t have any issues . Ludia must know what the offer is for going to my level so fix it . This isn’t the first time your games lagged out of the 1 time offer screen for people n it happen all the time.


Youve got about as much chance as ludia fixing this game… none


I had this last time… they literally said whatever “nothing we can do… wait until next level up and you may get offered it again.”

So I had to spend a load of coins to level up again… to get the offer… to get more coins…

Well played Luida. Well. Played.



yeah Well if they don’t then I’ll just cancel everything again and monthly membership and spread the word on the customer service perfection within the company and how they care so much about their players. I work my butt off getting to each level for this bonus and it’s not right to get booted from the screen and that’s it your screwed and get nothing for all the work you’ve put in the game . They have an issue with this offer it should be declined before continuing gameplay or accepted then continue gameplay ! Doesn’t that make sense! Easy simple fix it doesn’t take a genius to figure out fixes on simple things. And yes your right they probably aren’t gonna do anything because they think what’s one person out of the rest . But will see if it gets resolved or not trust me you’ll know either way