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I bought VIP, but I don't have it on my apple JW the game account

I bought VIP, but I didn’t get the VIP when I logged onto my jw the game apple account, but when I went to see if it was on my visitor account it was there, but I want it for my apple jw the game account.

Hi Alesandur, I am sorry you are unable to play, if you have not already can you please contact

How long does it usually take for them to respond, because I just spent around 400 dino bucks speeding up my dinosaur’s cooldowns to get into dominator league in the newest tournament and I want to be able to keep that position so I can get the shiny legendary creature prize.

Unfortunately, Ludia support takes at least 5 business days in most cases. Keep trying various tactics to get in: forget your wi-fi, mobile data, mobile hotspot, restarting the device, hard closing the game, clearing your cache, etc.

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It lets me play on a visitor account, but not on my apple account, and it doesn’t even give me VIP on my apple account, but does give me it on a visitor account

forget about the issue it works now.

nevermind now there is a new problem, why do I not have VIP even though I bought it.

I just bought VIP, but I do not have it on my apple account in JW the game, but I do have it on a visitor account, how do I make it on my apple account instead of a visitor account.

If it’s with the same game account, it should be available for both games

how do I know if it is the same game account

does same game account mean same support key?

No. Same Google Play Store Account or the same Apple Appstore Account

It only gives the VIP when I log out of my apple account and log into the visitor account, not on different devices.

Very interesting

Try entering your visitor account, go to settings and then log in from there while your already playing the game in visitor, see if that works?

It didn’t work. If I were to join VIP again with my apple account, would it charge me again?

@Aleksandur It used to happen to me So I use my android to buy vip and play on Ipad Air.

I don’t have an android

If I was you I would continue to play on your visitor account because that is the vip account, I’m sure they would be able to sort out the switch easier that way.

My visitor account is level 9 and has almost nothing, and my apple account is level 54 and has alot of things, so I’m not going to leave my level 54 account for a level 9 account just because it has VIP.