I call Bull


I just dropped 200 trophies from Aviary down to Lockwood because A. My Indoraptor didn’t dodge ANYTHING, and I’ve fought 2 Monomimus that dodged every single attack, Every attack! This game is broken…


Great topic for the new category mods :slight_smile:



here we go again


I bet the opponent had super VIP. I read about that on the internet.


Yeah as soon as I got my super vip I understood the nerf monomimus… you dont need health when you cant be hit.


That stinks. With many thousands of players the odds say that should never happen to anyone.


idk abt u guys but im on Legendary VIP, my every dodge works and every 5% crit chance dino crits. my stegod has APR too not regular rampage.


I feel for you because I had a monomis. dodge me 6 consecutive times in a row. Happy day for the opponent. The problem is when a legendary VIP is fighting against another legendary VIP member…


And your point for tagging a mod? Or are you just trying to tattle for some trumped-up up reason? Because if you can’t complain on the forums, then what’s the point of forums?


Figures I’d post about some crap and get trolls…


get good son. maybe do not rely so heavily on RNG heavy dinosaurs. round out your team just dont come here whining like a baby. many of our forum members are top 500, top 150(including myself), top 50 and top 10. we all suffer RNG streaks and lose lots of battles and trophies but we take it in stride and get them back. for every 3-0 with indorap, you will get an 0-3.


I understand you’re upset. I’ve had similair situations. We all do.

As a result, I asked the mods to create a new subforum for these very types of posts:

They agreed, and made one:

Sadly it is very bare:

A topic like this one would be perfect there.

I hope your luck improves. I actually know it will, as the rng algorithm in this game seems to like hard corrections.


I also call Bull!image


I think the numeric generators aren’t coded right. I’d be debugging if it were my code. So anyone calling problem gets my agreement.


I signed up for the VUP service. Very Unlucky Person.

My monomimus dodges about once a day, and that is only if I do some crazy dance moves, while wearing no pants, during a solar eclipse.

As part of my VUP sub, I also get crit more times then you have had hot dinners.

I’m starting to wonder if its worth it though. I may cancel…


Well I have run into the no crit problems, the crit just for the opponent to dodge, and the problem where I get put against a Monomimus that dodged everything, and that always happens when rng doesn’t out one of my nullifiers in my chosen 4. I’ve said from the beginning, Ludia needs an option to mark dinos based on usage, tank, dps, nullifier, and maybe other options, and then choose from that for the 4, 1 tank, 1 or 2 dps, 1 nullifier or something like that. It’s not about getting good. Sorry I don’t spend a fortune on the game to be in the top 150, my dinos are fine for my level and area, I was almost 4700, dropped to 4200, because of really bad RNG, and that has nothing to do with skill. If you never get the dinos that counter other dinos and those dinos dodge everything, it’s impossible to win…


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You say you reached 4,700 and bad RNG dropped you to 4,200. I’d say it’s just as likely good RNG got you to 4,700 and you dropped to where you really belong.


Yeah good RNG got me 500 trophies… I was at 4900 before the tournament, it has nothing to do with not belonging…