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I can confirm. Instant Invincibility still absorbs 2 attacks

Step 1: rampage and run while Tryko uses II.

Step 2: draco lands and even though the II shield does not show, it is still parrying attacks.


So it’s behaving wildly different in different situations. Sometimes it absorbs 2, sometimes 1, sometimes none.


Does the total opposite on my end. Totally disappears before the opponent takes a turn. Literally a split second it disappears and does not absorb any attacks.


idk what its doing anymore. :fearful:


Honestly ludia needs to make up their minds


Instant Invincibility works as it should now. Only problem seems to be with run moves and swap in attacks. Swap in attack is obviously not recognized as new attack and/or turn.

now the IIT works this way.

lasts a turn regardless of whether you go first or second, example: ardentismaxima uses IIT against indo g2, ardentis still does not attack but the shield is already gone, because it protects 1 Turn that has already passed, therefore the next attack of indo g2 will cause damage

if the opponent trades a dino with a trade effect, such as dracoceratosaurus. for example: you use tryko with IIT against mammolania, the opponent switches to dracoceratops, since it is still the same turn, it will block draco’s ability

but that problem is an error that is seen from leagues away :rofl:

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Dracoceratosaurus will come in before the shield goes up.

maybe it will be because utarinex used “rampage and run”, but tryko used IIT, the shield was active, when changing to draco it was the same turn, therefore if he blocked drac’s attack

You’re right, it’s working as intended in the Rinex scenario. It’s just that it isn’t doing that in other scenarios because it’s bugged.


Yeah, Tryko got IIT first, I rampaged and ran (dealt 0 damage, shield still visible), my draco replaced utarinex automatically (dealt 0 damage, invisible shield). New turn has started after these 3 events.

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That is more of a visual problem, the skill if he acted when he deviated, rather it is a problem of presentation in the battle

The only point of view that consider all of these 3 scenario is if we consider a turn the sum of moves selection and moves acting (A+B talk that we did in my post)
If we consider a turn that period of time and if we consider that IIT refers to that same turn, it could be working as Ludia is intending.
It remains the whole counting attack discussion though…

Is it understandable? That’s the only way i could think of in which these 3 scenarios are included and IIT is “working as intended”.
It left out the whole discussion about counting attacks & turn though. Don’t know. The only thing i know is that we need some clarification as soon as possible

Honestly like why couldn’t we have stuck with the old system it wasn’t like it was broken or anything

Because of raids i think

Lol then make it different in raid lol, literally a lot of problems in this update could have been solved that way.

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II doesn’t make any sense anymore…


Even II is confused

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