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I can finally stop


Dashing after every dang tenonto and rex g2 I see. Though spending so much time at a nearby state park has gotten me a lot of other good stuff, too. :slight_smile:




Holy crap this thing is awesome at L30. Cuts through Thor like butter.


Congrats! May I ask how you successfully use it? Mine is a 26 and doesn’t hang in there too long. I’ve tried different approaches and the dundundun music plays…


Awesome. Great dino. I wish I could be creepy in parks more in my area but we don’t have many and the one we do would have the cops called for body identification long before being creepy was called in.


Maybe instead of “Dundundun” music you try the Jaws theme?


At equal levels and a speed tie…does it?


I think the high HP helps, because you have to take a hit or two. If thor comes out and chomps one of my dinos and I send out tenonto, I start with distract. If thor does instant stun, then I just go right to rampage. With things like utarinex or dilo-roach it’s a guessing game with what the opponent will start with - people usually expect the SS, but distract is a good move. Tryko is the same thing. As long as they go with instant distract and I SS - it’s as good as gone.

As far as speed ties, though I have seen a few L30 thors, I haven’t had the situation yet. My data speed usually loses me speed ties.

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