I can find only one featured dinosaur in a park, something need to change


There’s only one park not too far from where I live, it has a total of six green boxes so not a lot but neither very low. This week I was aiming for Blue in the wild but there wasn’t even her shadow, only pyroraptor! I can expect that there wasn’t a perfect 50% and 50% division of the supply drops, but this is a bit too much. Also because in my experience a certain supply drop spawn only one kind of epic dinosaur, I had no hope for Blue. The last week I needed ankilosaurus and I got the same problem, but in that case I blamed the huge variety of featured dinosaurs.
This could be easily fixed if you have the opportunity to choose at least part of the featured dinosaurs, maybe the normal number of attempt for that kind of dinosaur would do the trick (one for legendaries, three for epics, and so on). In my case i could have changed three out of the six attempts from pyroraptor to blue and at least get some of blue dna.
I know that’s a problem that who live in places with big parks and a lot of green supply boxes doesn’t have. But in the other hand I can’t drive far far away because in my town and the nearby ones the game racognize just a small area as a park, and you are supposed to walk in this game. Paradoxically I live in a rural area and there are less green boxes than a city…


You should be able to approach the green supply drop and choose which dino u wanna dart anf then it takes 3 hours for next 1


I don’t agree that you should be able to pick. Then most people would just go for the rarest or most useful one. But I do think they need to be better evenly distributed. My city has a park that has 8 of the green event drops, but last weekend, 3 had nodopatosaurus and the rest were empty. What’s the point of having the green event drops if there’s not going to be any event dinosaurs there? That’s not the first time either. It’s usually like that. Half the event drops in my city are usually empty. I don’t get it.


That’s why i said that you should be able to pick just for the number of attempt for that tier of dinosaur (three in the epics case). The park event with multiple dinosaur for day was introduced to give more option to choose to the player, but how it is now simply oblige you to catch whatever spawn, if does it spawn in some instances like yours. It is a rebalance needed where there are a few green supply drops, the other option would be to increase the number of those supply drops where they are in a small number.


At least you still have a park…:disappointed_relieved: