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I can still play


After remembering the pure enjoyment of the game, I came to a few realizations.

  1. It is still a great D&D game. Superb even.

  2. The common crap noone wants to lvl up,
    well I still rock my fav common items. The
    Cleric’s healing move pants being a go-to since i
    found them.

2.2. The commons are worth 5 g each. That is
250 gold for a drop of 50 common.

  1. The sell back rate is too slow.

  2. Due to the recent changes in experience
    gains, I am LUCKY to have played the BETA
    before any such changes had been implemented.

  3. Gameplay has not changed much; and the
    game will blow people away.


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Your adivce does not work. Game is broken.How many equipment upgrades do you think I need to finish off this level. How many hours of play, how much gold (which is essentially unattainable). Math has been done, it is not realistic.

Most of these upgrades were done AFTER this update and AFTER this character was level 16. The upgrades (including all my useless rares and a epics I am not using) cost in excess of 70000 gold. This is why I have a whopping 1/5th of the xp to level.


I am unsure of what advice I gave. In fact I only
ever mentioned my own conclusions. This is by
no means advice to anyone.

As far as broken: technically it hasn’t come out yet.

Wow you’re level 16…boo hoo…I am 9. I will likely never reach that level at this rate. Still play. I will play till they release it. If it doesn’t change I quit. As long as it is Beta…let them test.


Hey everyone, our team appreciates all the feedback our players had given them so far since Open Beta till now. We’ve forwarded them to our devs, and the feedback and ideas will help them make Warriors Of Waterdeep more enjoyable for every player. As the game is still in the early access stage, our team is trying to test out as many things as possible right now before the Worldwide launch, so all of your suggestions are very important.


I still play lots too, I love d&d, and this game feels like it. I’m working on my next renown level and I think once I get it, I’ll be able to get higher in the second challenge and further in the adventure. Also lareal’s reward is a DM pack which I hopefully get a legendary item from, about another two weeks until I get it though. I’d like to see more ways to get cards, XP, and gold.