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I can SWEAR the crit RNG is rigged

I know it’s just rng but I can swear it’s rigged. If I look at Indominus, which supposedly has a 30% crit, that crits about as often as Tryko, who only has a 20% crit rate. If I look at Maxima or Dio, two other dinos with a 30% crit, they crit far more often. When I face them, they crit at LEAST once, versus mine or an opponent Indominus occasionally never critting at all. I can also swear Spyx has a higher crit chance than 20%, but I think that’s enough of that. I know it’s just me, but that’s just me saying the crit RNG is rigged for no reason.


I’m pretty sure something in Ludia’s code is screwed up when it comes to crits.

Rigged however is not the right word to describe it. How can something be rigged by the game in a PvP game? Would make more sense if it was rigged in PvE strike towers.


Definitely something is off. Look at Cera. It has a 20% crit rate listed but the frequency at which it crits much higher. I thought Magna was bad about it and it’s only a 20% too but doesn’t compare to Cera. Seriously Ludia needs to check out their program once in a while because something is not working like it’s listed.


If you haven’t figured it out yet the RNG is a way that Ludia can keep you where you are in the arena. If you are about to move up an arena you will get matched with someone bigger, more boosts. Or if you are even matched you will get critted out by whoever you are going against. Its just how it is right or wrong its just Ludia’s way of keeping everybody down. There is in my opinion way to much RNG in the game anyways. Why is it that two people in an alliance can start with enough DNA for 15 fuses on an Unique creature, one player will unlock the creature and be able to level it up at least once. While the second player is stuck at if they are lucky 200/250 DNA needed just for creation. I would be much happier in this case if there was a set number of fuses to create and a set number of fuses needed to level a creature.

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I agree, there should be no randomness with fuses. There’s enough in the arena already.

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I dropped tryo from my team because even with RTC active, I never get a crit. I lost a game bc of it whereas thyla with 40% crit (tryo 50% with RTC) I almost always get a crit with thyla

In theory, it could be rigged to give paying players an easier ride, making it more fun for them.

Lesser, unpaying players, by contrast, would suffer more bad luck and lose more often, tempting them to pay to level up their teams faster.

I have noticed that as soon as I’m on the border of moving arena, usually facing particularly strong opponents, my crits seem to turn off almost completely and my stun success rates seem to inverse (i.e. 75% chance behaves more like a 25% chance).

Conversely, when I come up against weaker opponents, who I should be beating anyway, I’ll get a string of crits in a row, with stuns almost never failing.

There’s a psychology to it, so I’m probably seeing patterns that aren’t truly there, but man it really feels like there’s something ‘funny’ going on in that RNG algorithm…


Dio gets 2 attacks for 1 turn, so it has 2 30% chances to crit.

I wouldn’t mind crits removed from the game. I mean sometimes it can be in your favor. But it mostly just causes misbalance of matches and a huge rng factor. Especially when something with 5% crit does it back to back.


I seem to crit a lot when
-I’m 0-2 in the match regardless of what I’m using
-I’ve been on a losing streak and all of a sudden everything I use crits?
-Cera / Dio seem to crit 50% of the time for both them and me

I noticed others crit a lot when
-I’m on a winning streak. All of a sudden I get a bad team vs my opp and they crit a lot
-I’m on the verge of a new high score and all of a sudden something like a swap in from mrhino crits or something with a low %

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For the past couple of days, I’ve had barely any crits whatsoever. Meanwhile, my opponents have landed lucky crits non stop.

I’ve fallen by 400 trophies in two days. I played most of my matches right, I guessed my opponent’s moves, I had the so-called counters - but I’ve lost constantly to critical hits. Well, that and super boosted Ceramagnus, who crosses over into the critical problem anyway.


Same for me. It’s been like that for a couple of days. Almost falling to library now while I started at 5950. I only get critical hits when it doesn’t matter and every single time my opponent needs a critical hit to turn the tide of the match they get it.

You guys forget there is another person on the other side of the screen. Just because this person critted you twice in a row doesn’t mean the game’s random number generator isn’t rigged. That person may have not even gotten a crit in the last 40 or so attacks with that dino.

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Even so, I feel that more highlights the problem really. Even despite the fact that a 5-40% chance to CRIT isn’t a 0% chance to CRIT, it really shouldn’t happen more than once or twice at the most per fight at least, and I know for a fact that we’ve all been in several battles where our opponents, or ourselves, have scored five to seven CRITs.

And honestly, the RNG problem isn’t just restricted to CRITs. It’s utterly baffling how often a 75% Resistance to Stun/Swap/whatever or a 75% chance to Dodge fails on a really bad day, when it really shouldn’t fail more than once a day at most, and even that’s kind of stretching it.


I’ve noticed this a LOT about Dio recently, my opponents seem to get crits on Dio a massive amount. I can’t say for my self as I don’t have it on my team, but it is definitely a higher percentage than it says on the tin.

every time it takes 2 hits to kill my dinos and 1 with a criticism those who have 5% criticize each time

Oh my Dio has definitely been CRITing more than it used to.

I don’t really mind it when it happens in a matchup against a Grypolyth and my Dio ends up destroying it (and yes it IS possible, but incredibly rare and circumstantial), but it’s still a little odd.