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I can’t complete my missions!

My game keeps crashing. I’m trying to do B-DNA missions and daily missions. So, as usual, I enter a free event (the one for VIP points) using 3 low carnivores, immediately leave and repeat. After doing 3 times (9 carnivores used), game crashes and, when I go back, it says I haven’t used any carnivores. This happened a few times. So I went on to daily missions. I enter a pvp using 3 carnivores and leave. Then enter a pvp using 3 different Cenozoic, and quit (the prizes for winning aren’t worth my time). Game crashes. I go back, it says I haven’t done any pvp battles. HOWEVER, MY 10 DINOBUCKS ARE GONE, AND DINOS ARE ACTUALLY ON COOLDOWN!!! I try again, do the 3 different classes aquatics, and SAME. My dinobucks are gone, creatures on cooldown, but doesn’t count towards missions.


For one of the daily missions I had even collected the 50 dinobucks for completing it. Game crashes, I go back, it says I haven’t completed, I don’t have the 50 dinobucks, but I also don’t have the 5 bucks I used to complete the freaking mission.

I’m even taking screenshots. Look at this. I do a pvp, spend 5 bucks. Do another (using cenozoicos) for another 5 bucks. Game crashes before even starts. I go back, it says I didn’t do any pvp, but 5 bucks are gone. I must have lost about 30 now. This is ridiculous.

Again. And again. Another 10 bucks gone, doing pvp. Still says I haven’t done ANY pvp. PLUS, I’m going to bed soon and won’t be able to complete my 8 daily missions and get the pack, the rewards, the bucks and vip points for doing so. Thanks Ludia, for giving us DAILY BUGS, each day is a different bug, always surprising us (in a very negative way).

PS my internet is working perfectly for everything else. Including JWA.

Hello cedpo. I’m sorry for the frustration.

The steps on this page might work for you:

If that doesn’t help at all, please contact our team directly with your support key at They’ll be more than happy to see what can be done!

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I am pretty sure the complete a battle using 3 different classes of land/cenozoic/aquatic you have to complete the battle (unless it says participate)

You don’t have to complete the battle, you can start the battle through PvP and then quit out immediately and it counts it.

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Quit, yes

Disconnect, no

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Restarting device seems to have bettered the problem of restarting, but the game is simply (sometimes) not saving my freaking progress! This is a guest account. This morning I took Salamander all the way to level 11 or 12, completed its 10 missions, most daily missions, the event for a golden pack (use 3 carnivores, then 3 herbivores and stuff), then I go to Facebook account, then go back to guest account and look at what I have… over 30 minutes of my life thrown at garbage. Look how even the coin collecting tower is on cooldown, however all creatures are ready to collect, like I hadn’t before.

I think I’m done with this game. There’s currently more stuff I dislike than like about it anyway. For one, the boss events (the ones to use our Omega boss) are a joke, they’re boring and the rewards are not even worth the 30 bucks price to enter them…

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