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I Can’t Do This For Another 2 Months - Changing Strategy

Draco Rat and Thor are still a thing? Not interested.

I’m dropping 1,000 trophies by starting Battles and setting my phone aside. Then I can win 4 and get my DBI every day, then lose 4 without looking or caring.

Maybe in a year or so the Arena will be fun again and I will have a ton of Boosts to allocate.

I’m F2P of course. Not dumb.


Why even play then if you’re not going to battle? What’s the point? You’re darting DNA and doing strike events for nothing.

Okay. Thanks for letting us know.
All week I was wondering “What will Kwaack do?”


Love that response!

I guess my point is that there are alternatives to quitting or complaining. Just relax, gather DNA and DBIs, and wait for Ludia to make reasonable changes to fix the Arena.

And dont be P2W until then.


In all seriousness, it can be a sound strategy.
Lockwood Estate will give you the easiest 4/4/4 boosts per DBI at only 4000 trophies.

For a little more effort, Aviary at 4500 is the absolute best time investment with maximum incubator rewards. Other than bragging rights and better seasonal DNA rewards there is no reason to go further.
Currently anyway, 1.9 may change things.