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I can’t find tuojiangosaurus anywere!


Im currently aiming for tuoramoloch… i have a lvl 18 paramoloch and lots of Stygimoloch… but i only have a lvl 12 tuojiangosaurus!! Where do they spawn? And any good advice for snytning else?


I live in L3 and always see Tuojiangosaurus. I dart it whenever it see it so I have enough DNA to level it up to 20 although it is still at L12, due to lack of coins.
Try visiting L3 and activate a rare scent if you can.

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Wheres L3…?:sweat_smile::grimacing::sweat_smile:



If you see Diplocaulus around alot, you are in L3. I went for a walk in it and got one using the large scent.

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I know lots of places 1, 2 and 4 but none 3. I only pass through this area a moment from the train going to work. It’s a big problem for me too. I could have up to a Touramoloc of 23 although I would not create it either. The mania of the organizers of the game to always use the same DNA (is undoubtedly what most hate the game) makes that creating the Touuramoloc imply not being able to evolve Tragodistis and also implies not being able to create Diorajasour. It’s a shame because I would like to create this creature but it is part of the list of creatures I can never have and, unfortunately, it includes the three best dinos in the game: Trykosauro, Utarinex and Erlidominus. I will have to continue evolving in the game without them even knowing that I will never be able to reach the elite, although being currently top 400 is more than I would have expected.