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I can’t pvp

How do I pvp I am on the 1st arena and I can’t beat it and tips or team advice

arena is a mess, so there might be droppers. i recomend using velociraptor, i used it up all the way to lockwood manor. its a very good beginning dino and very easy to get or find. if you have an alliance, and you request it, it will usually fill up. i recomend just leveling rares you have and maybe epics. arena 1 prob is a mess too, since epics are so easy to get now, so right now i wouldnt even try to do arena until you have like level 10’.

Yep right now just focus on joining an alliance and darting dinosaurs and doing dailies and campaign but once you start to get a little stronger good hybrids to make are suchotator and monolometrodon and thoradolosaur and sarcorixis so make sure to save all your boosts for them and once you get like a level 10 suchotator start fighting raid bosses with people

What hybrids shout I get ? I have ankylodon suchator and diplotor I am trying to get an epic hybrid but any recommendatians ( I am probably not at the stage if legendaries

Brontolasmus entelochops gorgosuchus Indom g2 the best non hybrids in the game are wooly rhino and diplodocus