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I can’t win a match

I’m consistently set to battle against people with dinosaurs levels higher than mine, and I can’t win. I lost 8 times in a row yesterday after the update and couldn’t get a single incubator. Haven’t had this issue before, but since the update, it has made the game significantly difficult and less fun :frowning:

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MM didn’t change.
Either boosts got you too high for your teams lvl average or it’s time to rebuilt your team. Boosts gave you the option to mix lvl 25 with boosted lvl 23 dinos. If you have mostly lvl 23 dinos built a team of lvl 23 mixed with dinos +/- 1 level.


this happens to me frequently, have a 21-23 team and i’ve fought teams that are 27-30, which is a guaranteed lose. matchmaking needs to be fixed, its atrocious

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You are likely facing all the players above getting knocked down.

That or the higher players have no one to face from everyone dropping the game, so the developers made you the fodder for the P2W crowd.

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I played 22 battles and 19 were of higher than me till 200 above me and fought a lot against level 30 dino’s , and I have only a few of 26 now.
Matchmaking is really bad after update.
Losing 5 winning 1 again and again isn’t nice.

People will encourage you to keep losing till you are “where you are supposed to be in trophies” lul


exactly… keep loosing untill you find your plateau. then work back up by leveling and boosting.


There is an issue with the pity ai right now as well… i think the ai is still balanced around boosted teams for their perspective arenas and once you get on a streak you just keep getting matched with the pity ai.

Since it doesnt swap to lose any more… honestly the players in those arenas are easier matches then the pity ai atm.


Its odd, this did not really change much for me. My top count has been 4789…

Low Aviary seemed to be my spot where I would win some, and lose some. Mid Aviary was where I would lose most. High Lockwood Estate, I would hardly if ever lose.

Now, I will lose a few more in High Lockwood, a few more in low Aviary, but I can still get to 4780. I did not really see a drop. My tiers were all at 5 with a few 6’s.

I expected to get push back into Lockwood permanently…but that is not what I am seeing…I am seeing about the same placement.

Did you lose much or gain some?

if your tiers are 5 and 6 currently then you are fine. i went from 5800 to 6030.

Yes. Most users would not have noticed as they were all boosted the same as the AI team. They are tough without boosts! Same level or higher than my crew AND boosted. After two losses, and I know AI is coming, I swap teams to battle it. It takes a different strategy than human opponents.

I’ve actually gained 300 trophies since the update. I’m wondering how you realocate your boosts that maybe made your team worse compared to others. I put most of mine into ardentismax, tryko, erlidom, and Thor. It seems to be working so far.

They were at 5 and 6 pre boost 2.0. Now they are 0 on most and 2 and 3 on a few.

i figured. just gotta play the arena and adjust to your competition.

What I was saying is that the boost 2.0 does not seem to have much of an affect on my trophy count. My highest was 4789, I have gotten to 4780 a few times already.

Based on what other people are seeing, I found it odd that they would drop and I would not.

I figured you were up in the trophy count higher than me and wanted to know what you had seen personally. You had a gain. Cool.

Well your outside of the pity ai area…the issue i thinl alot of people are having is rng or match making gives them two bad matches and they get the “pity ai” which is currently tuned to provide match ups against teams in the old boost system so instead the loose to a higher level boosted team… so they system says hey they need a pity match… and you get to go on a worse losing streak then if the pity ai wasnt even in the game.

Pity ai shouldnt even be a thing… but if its gonna be a thing it shouldnt be hard forcing losing streaks.

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My formula -

If you are winning more than you are losing, your rating was too low!
If you are losing more than you are winning, your rating was too high!
If you are winning as much as you are losing, your team is exactly where it should be!


Thats not completly true right now though… atleast to anyone in the range of the pity ai…

The other day my kid was complaining about losing all her battles. I figured it was the boost reset cause she was doing a little better then 50% before the change…and I was like let me try…6 battles and 1 dbi later i had encounteres a fantastic 0-6 all against the pity ai… these were all boosted 21 dinos up against a team of unboostesd15-18s…

The other players in that arena are low leveled then the ai i was getting.

Yeah they def need to adjust the AI, im not sure they considered this before the change maybe.

I’ve been lucky so far that I haven’t lost two battles in a row yet.

When they first started these AI battles after a couple losses, I had a team level 15 to 18 and would get an AI team of level 22’s. I had a harder time beating those than real players.