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I cannot believe this still happens after ALL this this time

I have not posted on these forums for so long now as I had become so disillusioned with Ludia and the constant backwards manner they insist on handling everything.

However, I am particularly frustrated that the most basic of errors have occurred to me just now that has existed since release.

So I’m fighting in the arena. I am one attack from winning. I’m waiting for them to select their 3rd Dinosaur and I’m set up to DSR to sweep.

The timer hits 0. Nothing happens. Wow…it clearly disconnected me mid-battle and I’m on my strongest connection.

I go to restart the app and maybe I can at least recover. I get in and it pops me to the overworld map. My trophy count is the same.

I go to battle again, about 12 seconds counting down, it interrupts and loads me into one attack from losing to the previous opponent.

I lose, of course.

Thank you, Ludia, for CHEATING me out of a guaranteed win because your arena server stability makes Ark: Survival Evolved look like a game of desktop Solitaire in comparison.

The ONE match in weeks that actually favoured me instead of being getting my daily incubator by 10 (or more!) matches that I considered myself lucky to knock out ONE enemy (and many times swept 0-3) and you couldn’t even let me have this one little thing.

I’m just so tired of the state of the game being such a joke. I want to like this game as I did when I first started (a month or two after release, didn’t know it existed until I was behind the pack already). Just let us fight the AI from the start if you’re too cheap to fix your PvP servers. I’d rather not fight for trophies if you have yourselves made them WORTHLESS in value by the disparity of everything in which affects matchmaking.

Stat boosts being grossly under-weighed to trophy count and dino levels, server stability, and the fact that your basic design that the fastest dinosaurs are also the STRONGEST dinosaurs barring tanks which kill other tanks and the Dracoceratops anomaly.


It is so strange how a level twenty-something is slower and weaker than the same creature at level something-teen. I have been saying, “Oh well, that’s the game now.” I feel like I am still trying to convince myself haha.

Would we all be happy if boosts were used only for lvl 30 creatures and player level caps increased?

Oh, and new beautiful arenas with new OTOs?!

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i think i was talking about this some day…

ludia CAN know when connection issues happen. so could not punish players.

like pause the battle to a message for player who is active “your opponent is facing connection issues. would you like to wait xx seconds to reconnect or cancel battle?”

or some like that.