I cannot connect to google play

Today morning the game logged me out and now I can’t log back into my main account but it lets me create new accounts to the game and play as a guest. Does anybody know how to solve this or should I just wait till morning?

Hey Ophiacodon, once you’re past the tutorial, there should be an option for you to reconnect to Google Play in the in-game Settings menu.

Hey @Ned can’t log in anymore with Google account

Hey Barry, if you’re having trouble logging into your Google Play account, please make sure that your Google Play is still connected in the play store.

If you’re still having issues, do not hesitate to reach out to our support team here at support+forums@ludia.com with your support key included in the email, if possible.


I cannot connect to google play too

Just the same

@Ned problem started with update Google games…

@Ned I don’t even come to a screen with support key…chatted for an hour with Google and they are clear…Problem is yours

Hey Barry, if you haven’t already, could you contact our support team so they can take a look?

I tried that and still it does not work.

Will give it a try

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My game won’t connect to google play either. Play according bbn is good on this device.

We are only 4 apparently…I guess we won’t have priority with our problem…have send email to support…so we will see…

Tried uninstalling/reinstalling - no luck! Normally this clears up in an hour or 2, but this has been down for over 3 hours now.

Like I said we only 4… who cares about the problem…

I sent an email… no response


Had this issue myself just now… was able to use login through facebook which i didnt even know i had linked. So if youve ever linked it in the past its another way to log in.

Thanks but haven’t linked it… didn’t know I had to

You dont have to but it does give you another option to log into in situations like this… sorry it didnt help you.