I cant be the only one in this boat right?


When youre not even capable of having lvl 9 when you need 10 for a hybrid but…yeah :joy:

Im at the point i sometimes dont even bother catchin utah if im ridin around incase it makes me miss something else


if you haven’t been already, save your Utah for this guy.


Seen 1 in the wild and was riding shotgun and it was too far away lol this guys just from the event. I dont even have any raptors on my team anymore sadly.


Replaced the 19 raptor with the 18 allo since at least hes got a big health pool, higher crit and ignores armor lol


Yeah Sino never seems to spawn wild after the update. jealous of your tragodistis though.


Para is so rare now where I live it was a pain…also took 18 evolves to get 200 DNA :joy: just got him last night


Ouch :joy: he’s OP though I think. I really want to find more gallimimus so I can see if the monomimus is any good :thinking:


I got zero of his dna so far but the event should fix that.


Yeah trag is amazing unless whatever youre fighting can rip through shield like the poor 20 trag my 15 rex 1 shot yesterday :joy:


Haha :joy: the events not updated for me yet what’s in the parks this week?
Also hate facing these


Only faced 1 of those and the guy 1 hit my dino then proceeded to spam swap and let me win without attacking again :joy: theres a thread called dinos this week or something on here with a chart or you can check their fb/twitter


Haha :joy: pretty much game over for me when I see unique. Ahh sweet didn’t know that. Thanks! My Galli is lvl 11 so hopefully get her to 15 this week then!


You have over 40 attempts at it so easily