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I can't believe I predicted Smilonemys

So some time before the patch notes for 1.9 were released, I drew a joke ‘super-hybrid’ that consisted of Smiloceph and the turtle called Smilocephaloturtle. And it took me a day to realize that Smilonemys was basically Smilocephaloturtle! Haha!

No pic no happen

Check the New Hybrid Leaked?! thread

Oh yeah! I’d completely forgotten about that.

Me and @Stiffeno predicted it too. We were joking. Talking about how they ruined the Pachy hybrid. So I was saying I really like the turtle and have sadly accepted pachys fate of an ugly degenerate hybrid. Then we went on to say they will probably put the turtle into it aswell just because I like it lol.

Now all I can hope is it’s not that ugly and shows some signs of Pachy this time instead of mangy cat.


I kinda wish it had a turtle body. Like, imagine a turtle with a dome head, and two little buck tooth saber teeth. As long as it doesn’t have Smilocephalosaurus’ skin disease it would probably look kinda cool

maybe pachy will get a second hybrid like tyrannosaurus gen 2?pray for it…

it already looks like it has a bowl on its head :nauseated_face:

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