I can't believe ludia have still done nothing about it

6 month i have stop playing and look at what is there in tournaments and i did the last 2…

Can we stop the speed boost abuse?
Can we stop the speeds tie?
Ludia,you are such genius…Doing 3 classes systems to “balance” the game and those things destroy my max lvl resilient,fierce and cunning.
Please,just sell your game,you are too incompetent.

Is that hard to make a fierce IMPOSSIBLE to hit faster than a Cunning?
Is that hard to make a resilient impossible to hit faster than a fierce?

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What abuse is going on here? He used boosts on his t rex to do well in advantage tournaments. You can do the exact same thing.


Speeds boosts are a mistake .
A t-rex or any fierce SHOULD NEVER be faster than any cunning.
Else,give all cunning 200 base speed

those fierce creatures have to apply way more boosts than a cunning to reach the same speed. cunnings can keep the speed advantage for less.

And 1 more speed boost and it earn the right to 3-0 my teams?
Congratulation,this game is a HUGE garbage then
I understand why my team left long ago,i shouldn’t get back on that game.
You guys have no logic and that thing will only die.

that t rex was boosted to be as fast as a base speed velo. 15 boosts while procerath and the like need only 3 to outspeed that. idk what your boosts were, but if you weren’t using boosts in an advantage tournament, you will be beaten by those who do.

Please don’t pretend you don’t understand the problems with this game.
A T-rex or a sarcorixis doesn’t have to be faster than a velociraptor in any way.
Speeds boosts or not.
Either,just keep destroy the game and add critical boosts,armor boosts,and upgrade of moves boosts.
Upgrading speed should only allow to be faster than creatures of the same class.
A fast resilient should be only faster than resilients ect ect.

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Just figure out a clever way to use your boosts. The advantage of boosting a Rex is that you can level your sanctuary faster.

That person that boosted the rex is great to have in your alliance. And they get the bonus of doing well in Epic advantages tournaments for their trouble. It buys them very little in the arena, though.

So what if they beat your for a bit of DNA?

You cant win them all.

and a thor doesn’t need max damage. if that player’s t rex fits the role they want it to fit at that speed, then they should be allowed to do so. what if i wanted a max speed Maxima as a speedy revenge kilker? or build my procerath to have as much health as a chomper?

not saying the system couldn’t be better, but there were plenty of boost builds that could’ve countered that trex. and base on what your team was, you just didn’t have a good draw for the rixis.

Crit boosts armour boosts upgrade move boosts you will bite those words when u fight my nitro tenonto which has a 70% crit chance 50% armor and more speed than that T-Rex that has a first turn shattering rampage that will kill most any dino in one shot not to mention the full regeneration

You’re just salty at the fact you got beat by them and matched with them. I have this happen way too many times but stop trying to counter argue lol