I can't buy Week showcase incubator!


I can’t buy it, because it doesn’t show it to me! It doesn’t also show that at news! There is 1, but when I go to News, there isn’t anything! There is only those social networks, but not Week’s showcase!!



I can’t purchase it, either. It’s making me really mad, as I’ve been saving up cash to get a showcase incubator, and I was really excited to see the Indoraptor and stygimoloch both in the one for this week. I hope they add it back before it’s actually supposed to disappear.


They removed it because it was bugged and did not include all the advertised dinosaurs … instead you got last weeks dinosaurs (BLUE was in tho).


They released the incubator two days ago, but numerous people tried to open them and experienced glitches. They either gave out last weeks dinos, or they glitched when giving out Indoraptor DNA. They got pulled a few hours later. So I think we’re all assuming/hoping the glitches are being fixed and then they’ll be released again.