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I can't connect after updating to 1.11!

Changing drone batteries for the last hour 1/27.

Nice work with the bug fixes though!


Android user. Connecting through WI-FI, not my phone data.

For the past few months me and some other players are collecting evidence from all over the place. It doesn’t look good for Ludia!
We now are in contact with our lawyers and prepering a collective lawsuit. We want as many people are willing to join us as suitors with us or as witnesses to this case. We will make our case in a few days. Just keep in touch.

Hey GreenScreener, could you try changing your time zone to either New York or Toronto and see if that helps?

Also, does this happen if you try connecting through your phone data?

Mines stuck to

Hubby’s is too…

I live in Europe and don’t have phone data atm.

Just turned wifi off and used mobile data and still the same

I’m facing same issue. Restarted my phone but couldn’t fix the problem

@ned changing the time zone didn’t change a thing. And @Jaycanterbury1980 tried to connect through phone data and failed too.

Should we keep waiting and trying to connect today or …?

I’ve informed our team about this. If you haven’t already, could I ask you to send an email to our support team here at so they can gather more information?

If you have your support key, please include it in your email.


impossible to start the game, stuck at 1/27 android

Hey there @Nane, I’m sorry to hear that you’re stuck on the first step - reach out to our support team at so that they can take a closer look on their end and provide you with some troubleshooting. If you can remember to include your support key in the email, you’d really be helping to speed up the process and we’d really appreciate it!

The game is stuck on the loading screen for 30+ minutes i.e.

App updated (Android) and WiFi connection stable

Tried everything you said but still having the same issue :unamused:

Did the update, now spinning at 1/27 charging drone batteries. :-1:t3::-1:t3::-1:t3::-1:t3: Not working at all

@Ned Happily I would do that but I don’t remember my support key and the game is stuck on 1/27 so I can’t see it unless it starts loading!!! Any other solutions please that will help also other players?

Just loading screen

Mine says version 1.11.16

If several people are having this issue I don’t think it’s due to the specific device… I have an iPhone and the others sharing have a mix of both so I don’t think turning it off and turning it back on again will work


Nothing works so far :neutral_face:

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