I cant enter the game

For some reason my game stays at 8/31.

Hey @Guilherme_Eugenio_2, If restarting your game and device doesn’t work then please write to support+alive@ludia.com so we can investigate the issue. Please send along your support key and device info as well.

Thank you!

I will write it.Restarting both device and game hasnt worked.


When stuck at 8, I’ve found it’s usually a GPS / location issue

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But gps and location are activated

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Ya, activated, but does it actually a good location position? I like ‘GPS Test’ app from chartcross (free) on Android to see what the phone really thinks it location is at the moment -https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.chartcross.gpstest

Hello, a question if I suffer from a similar problem, can I also send an email notifying the failure that the game has on my device?

Could you also please explain to me what is the support key and the device information

I am at home, it used to work y doesnt it now ?

Yes @Mr_Spino, you can definitely send and email. The support key is at the bottom of the loading screen and at the bottom of your settings menu. The device info would be what cellphone, tablet…you play the game on.

I tried reinstalling the game now I cant get passed 1/31