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I can't enter to the game!

Today (just today), I can’t enter to the game! The green bar fills up to half and nothing happens.
The server address and support key doesn’t show to me!
(After updating the game, I played about 18 hours and everything was okay;
but today, It does not enter at all.)
How can I do?
and question…
If I CLEAR DATA from mobile application settings > Storage, Will there be a problem?
Or will my game information or history be erased?

I cleared data from mobile application and it worked :expressionless: :expressionless:

In the future, should anyone see this and think to do the same (and, offhandedly, this is something you should do, after being sure of the following); please only try this (or reinstalling the game entirely) if you’re connected via Facebook or Google Play or the iOS equivalent.

Clearing your cache is fine, but choosing to clear your data while not being connected in some other manner will delete your progress/game save and you’ll be left without backup.

I’m glad you’re up and running again though, @Hiccup_Art!