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I can't fathom how much you would need to spend to play this

First I have enjoyed the game so far been playing about a day and had fun but can’t imagine how much $$$ you need to spend to keep playing.

I was enjoying the game and figure why not spend a little it’s way better then that dumpster fire Chaosbane I just spent $80 for my Xbox so lets get a couple of these deals and the VIP.

I seen a lot of people say the VIP wasn’t worth it but for $10 figure why not had already seen a couple things I could have gotten if I had the VIP from chests so I got it just to see what the free chests were like as well.

I don’t think it’s great or the absolute worst logged into game today and seen a VIP event though to bad it changed from the community event paying gems to use the dungeon not gold like today.

I ended up getting like 20K and gold and about 2K in gems after the first day I ran through probably the whole 20K in gold and about 1k in gems from farming the dungeon paying the 3 gems.

I currently have alll but two characters and they range from level 5 to 7 main group level 6 and 7.

I made a couple wasteful buys like the mage and cleric common packs with all the cards bought about 2K in gold items to boost levels to get the next character from leveling but beyond that have been watchful on how I spend.

mostly the gold has gone like 85% to 90% leveling characters and I don’t know how they would be this level had I not bought those packs I mean you can do like free dungeons like what 1 every like 4 hours or pay gold which you need to level, can only hold 4 chests from PVP and takes 4 or more hours to open them so your only going to do a fight when you have a chest spot open to get one, going through the story it’s a one and done till the next level so can’t go back and farm.

I don’t see how you would farm in this game at all I mean had I not had the gems I couldn’t have farmed that dungeon event and today it costs gold which seems even worse at 50 a go you get one reward only even for going through the whole thing ( sadly I figured that out hours latter) so you actually hopping for like multiple dice to come up low together then getting one high roll come on tripple 6 or maybe double 12 rather then 20 smh…

Am I seeing this wrong? is their a way to play this game, grind it for fun other then stopping in like once every 4 hours or so for like 15 minutes or so?

I really liked this game and don’t mind supporting a game but this is crazy even for a phone game.

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