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I cant fight AI?

So now that Ourano’s the daily dna, I find myself obligated to fulfill ‘battle x number of times’ or ‘open daily incubator’ missions, which means subjecting myself to the ridiculousness and infuriating mess that is arena. I find myself praying for that 30 second timer to tick over so I can be blessed with fighting an AI which will at least be less obnoxious and annoying to battle. Yet most of the time; when I am given the option to fight an AI and hit that button; nothing happens. The timer just starts up again until I’m forced to fight someone’s super-booted thoradalasaur-dracorex combo. Why do they offer this choice if it’s not an actual choice? Why get my hopes up like that?

I’m not even being given the option to fight AI anymore, no matter what time of day I play. Up until very recently, I was getting it all the time. I’m still above the threshold of 4000 trophies (around 4800 at the moment).