I Can't Figure Out How to Beat Combat Countdown

Just what the title says. I’ve tried all carnivores and all amphibians but nothing works! Does anyone have any tips?

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Your roster isn’t balanced, that’s why it’s impossible. All of your amphibs are wayyy behind your T-rex. You’d need at least a lvl 30 Rare amphib, lvl 20 Super Rare amphib and/or a lvl 40 common amphib. Because you are lacking in that department I don’t see a way you can win because you wont have a class advantage.


Kapro to start and build reserve without dying, then T-rex to switch in once you have the reserve built up and Alanga at the end just in case.
But as @OstaposaurusBae stated it will be rougher because your Amphibian lineup is way behind the rest of it.


Is there any way I can win at this point @Cvratz1?
Nvm just died…


Sorry just saw your comment.
I know it doesn’t matter now, but at the point you were at i would have done 1 block 3 reserve. Then it would depend on how the AI acted on my next moves.