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I can't find carbonemys

I have been frequenting parks and aquariums and I have not seen the elusive turtle, but I have seen people who have even to the hybrid. I hope soon they put it in some event or something.


I think either they are holding the new cenozoics back for something and only letting them out slowly, or there has been an error somewhere, Keep your fingers crossed. :crossed_fingers:


ojala pronto los liberen

Translated from Spanish

hopefully soon release them

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Ludia can you please turn up the turtle spawns as i havnt seen him once at all !


I dart 4-8 hours a day and I’ve been Everywhere’s in my city ! Even trying numerous parks some with water sources and by the river thinking this would be a hot spot if there’s such a trying for Mr.turtle !

In all my attempts I’ve darted 10 !

No not really I’ve darted 0 seen 0 ! If I see 1 I’m running through the 2 feet of snow we have in Calgary lol!

I hope Ludia makes it available in a weekly soon it would be nice to see its hybrids more often in arena! Will probably see the incubator sale first Is my guess.



I play and hunt daily and still have’nt find one… and park scent don’t work… A further proof of Ludia’s famous ability to balance the game and make it enjoyable.

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I’ve darted 1 turtle yesterday and just after messaging on JWA Facebook about how I’ve never even seen one! FYI they are easy to dart ! Could simply get 250+ turtle DNA ! So even spotting a couple per day would be nice :+1:

@ this point 1 spawn seen of a turtle in weeks is terrible odds… the spawn rate needs to be increased and overall park spawns are bad now. So possibly why we don’t see many?

I would love to see @Ludia_Developers to increase parks spawns double and turn up the notch on turtle spawns per square KM or however they apply it. - even increasing the spawn rate for Calgary Alberta Canada :canada: perhaps around the downtown area and Acadia area would be :ok_hand: :joy:

Just for a loyal player who’s been committed since beta VIP but I’m sure there’s lots of them!

Dinolord :heart: :turtle: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

…need only 3 more dna😡


Ah you could easily top that off if you have one in a sanctuary. We can hook you up if you need someone to place a turtle into a sanctuary for your alliance :blush:

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Ive darted two which puts me on the lucky side of things…

I kinda like it being rare though if im gonna be honest… got a large part of my alliance working on it which has led to higher level sanctuaries for us. Which is nice from a casual alliance standpoint.

Plus for a collection game… having a unicorn or two is nice. And we have sanctuaries now unlike during 1.5 rex or 1.6 anky.

Saw and darted two. First was definitely nest spawn (at night), while for second I’m not sure if it was park or nest spawn. We have Aquarium in park. All other DNA is from Sanctuaries.

I did found quite few of them and was thinking I am unlucky but after reading all of your messages here I think I am doing good … Though I spent 6+ hours every day (almost) in parks (different ones) and most days nothing but then there are days where I found 3x of them in a day.

I am sooo close in creating my unique (with some luck with fuses but not good recently).

Saw my first Carbo in a park from a distance, couldn’t get there at that moment unfortunately but at least I know they exist now!

Yes. We do have availability . Our alliance is specialized Hunters.

That’s the reason I only got 147. I started darting it about a 50 meters because I was afraid that it might de-spawn.

Still no luck on the turtle for me. I go the parks pretty much everyday. I even went to an arboretum hoping that I would find one. No turtle, but I did find peafowls. :peacock: There was a peahen walking around with her babies. That was worth admission alone!


I’ve only found one in the wild, and had to drive around a national forest for a few hours to find it.

Wow! What phone provider do you have? Lol

I went on a short vacation a while back and went through some mountains and my phone’s reception kept going in and out. It was kind of painful to look at so much green space and not be able to do anything, but close my game.


We have a national forest in Texas that has pretty good reception on the main roads. No mountains. It’s mostly tall pine trees.

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