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I can't find carbonemys

Just so everyone’s aware like I said I darted one finally and it was super easy! Only part harder to dart is the leg but here’s what I got for MR. :turtle:

Just next to a park slightly on the road lol thankfully darted before it got ran over !!


Please don’t tell me the leg target is like Maiasaura’s! Maiasaura wins for the worst leg target. Lol :sweat_smile::confounded:


Let target is nowhere near as bad as Maia, thankfully.


I’ve seen one so far and I drive by a lot of Parks. My first one was today. I’m thinking they made it rare for now on purpose.

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No not at all like that! Much easier ! No worries of hitting 200+ if your within 50 M :+1:


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I’m having the same issue! That’s how I found this post (Googled: “can’t find carboneyms in jurassic world alive” hahaha) :slight_smile:

I’ve only been playing for a month or so but I’ve searched daily to no avail. I love turtles and like (lmao - can’t help but recall the infamous YouTube video…) and was really excited when I saw this guy in the game.

I too have frequented parks, aquariums, etc, for him but nope, no luck. Bummer!

100% coverage in my country :stuck_out_tongue: Unfortunately not such nice scenery such as mountainous parks, but at least we are always online!

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