I can't find Jonathan

Hi I have had lovelink for about 18 months on my previous phone and I got a new phone for Christmas. So I got lovelink and for some reason I lost all of my matches. I thought OK let’s try a few different ones but I always wanted to get back to Jonathan but for some reason I have been swiping and waiting and he hasn’t come up. Is there a glitch? Why hasn’t Jonathan’s profile come up in nearly a month?

Hi, I just got a new phone and when I got back on lovelink I decided to reset my conversations and pick different people except I have been waiting for over a month to swipe right on him but he still hasn’t turned up. Is this a glitch? Why hasn’t he appeared yet?

Come to think of it I haven’t seen him on mine either :thinking: I’ve seen him once awhile ago. I haven’t seen Liam park either yet.

I have got Jonathan now but I updated 2 days ago and I am still waiting on theo to and the new skater one to show up at all